Posted:  Aug. 29, 2014

Fearless Curves by D.H. CameronBrandy isn't unhappy. She's got a decent job working as an assistant lawyer for an ex-con defense attorney. She's got a nice condo in Las Vegas. She's a nice girl living up to everyone's expectations. Brandy isn't entirely satisfied with her life, but she's getting by. However, all that gets turned upside-down when she meets her new client, Jack.

Jack's a biker, and an arrogant one at that, who likes to be called Rogue. He immediately takes a liking to Brandy and her lush body but he scares the daylights out of her. But it's not his tough demeanor and his legal troubles that frighten her. It's the way he makes her feel, like she wants to do bad things, like she wants to get into trouble, like she can't resist Jack and will end up doing whatever he wants.

But after a night of wild, frenzied passion, Brandy is confused by her feelings for the sexy biker and kicks him to the curb. She complains to a friend but instead of sympathy Brandy gets a shocking pep talk and some outrageous object lessons about life. Brandy learns that not being unhappy isn't the same as being happy. That living in fear of being judged by others isn't how to live her life. But can Brandy win back Jack and push aside her doubts? Can Brandy learn to be fearless?

     Brandy and Jack were really truly an unlikely pair.  Brandy is an assistant attorney to Vic a lawyer who is middle aged.  He has a shaved head, a beard, and tattoos on his chest and arms.  Since he works out regularly you couldn’t really tell his age and since his ex-stripper wife, from here on the Vegas strip, go at it like rabbits well…
     Vic became a lawyer after serving time back in the 1990’s for some robberies, and got his degree from Texas A & M.  For the most part he has gone straight.  But, he defends some shady characters that really walk the lines of society.  But, never anything for major crimes.  For anything that they are sure guilty.
     Vic and his wife are due to go on vacation so Brandy is due to take her first case by herself.  Jack Anker’s an illegal search on a traffic stop for a licensed concealed weapon. For which he had been coming from the firing range.  Being that he is a biker with tats that is why he was stopped.  Vic and she are due to meet with him on Friday at 3:30.  That time does work for them both, but Vic ends up leaving early so she meets him alone.
     In fact when she gets back from lunch he’s sitting in the lobby of the office waiting.  Not good though since she locked the door before she left.  When she asked how he got in he basically said, “I picked it.”  From the moment she walked in his gray eyes were mentally undressing her.  All through the review of the case he flirted.  She liked it as much as she hated to admit it.  She was afraid of him or rather his type.  She had this over whelming feeling knowing he wouldn’t hurt her and he turned her on.  Once they finished discussing his case he asked her out.  You will have to read it to find out how this BBW and this Biker Bad Boy fair.
     I enjoyed this story for the most part very much.  It has a story of a young lawyer who is reaching beyond her comfort zone to find her happiness not what everyone else wants or what she thinks they want.
     You have to be aware although this is a very short story it has strong sexual content, strong language, and the last sex scene was too rough for my liking but was over quickly, thank goodness.  Different strokes and all.  I give this 4 stars.

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