Posted:  Aug. 29, 2014

Property of The Saints MC by Cora HartClaire is assigned to write a story on the local town's motorcycle gang. From the moment she walks in, she feels a combination of fear and lust. Dangerous bad boys surround her. 

Axel takes her under his wing and protects her when an ex-member attacks. She feels that she must repay him with her desire, even though they are in public. 

The president of the motorcycle gang arrives, and Claire ends up in deep trouble. 

Warning: This 5,700 word story is intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic descriptions of bad boy motorcyclists, curvy beauties, and rough sex. Buyer beware. ;)

Claire is sent to the Saints MC to do a story on them, basically a human interest one.  It came about because of all the bad press they had been getting lately.  Her editor wanted to get their point of view on all the trouble but knew they wouldn’t get it so went with the human interest angle and they bought it.  So Claire made contact and an appointment for her to meet with snake the president, Axel the vice president, and Barcrawl a new recruit.
     When she arrives at the MC head-quarters she as greeted by a mean ass old guy that goes by the name of Dawg.  But then she is save by the much young, sexier, and far edger bad boy by with a soft side.  That tells Dawg she belongs there for an interviews.  Right away there is a sexual attraction for Claire.  So, when Axel starts flirting with her she is blown away.
     She starts to use the mutual flirting in her favor when a brick in thrown through the front window of the MC HQ.  Axel right away pulls out a gun and grabs he by the shoulders and moves her to safety behind the bar, telling her not to move.
     This has a lot of potential to be something good but too short as is.  Just when you start to get into it, it’s over.  This chick wasted no time jumping into unsafe sex by the way, YUK!  Would have given it more stars if there had been more to it because the curvy girl & the MC’er.  Was a good angle…but did not do it.  3 STARS

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