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1.)  The other day the San Antonio Spurs Hired Becky Hammon as the first female assistant in NBA history.  She played 16 seasons in the WNBA & was a 6 time all-star.  A good move by the champs.

2.)  I noticed a lot of people talking about the injuries of footballs with their knees.  Mainly the ACL.  But a player may be out a year but his career is not over.  Gale Sayers career was cut short because of a knee injury.  For me the big injury that I have noticed are neck injuries-The Packers had 3 players before retire just in the last 3 years and the other day the Giants had a player retire because of a neck injury to me this is more of a concern.

3.)  Hats off to New Texas coach Charlie Strong dismissing five players from the team.  He has now dismissed 7 players since taking over the team in January.  I liked what he said, “We have 85 guys on scholarship.  If you look at it and 80 of them are doing it the right way, why can’t the rest of them?”  Finally someone making college athletes accountable.  Hats off.


  1. i was surprised these last few days with the Yankees taking 3 out of 4 from the Tigers. using their make ship line up. it is still early in the baseball season.

  2. this past weekend was the induction for the pro football hall of fame and the stories were pretty good but the induction did run longer than some of the other ones. it was good seeing Jim Kelly there since he has been fighting cancer.

  3. the rumor is still looking like Cleveland trading for Kevin Love, if that does happen they should be a favorite to win the championship in the N.B.A.

  4. the packers Johnathon Franklin had to retire because of a neck injury, he actually has stayed on with the packers in the front office. i am glad he is still working in football and that the packers were able to hire him.

  5. i saw a report this morning that Michael Phelps, finished 7 in the 100 meter free style. did not see that one happening.

  6. Rory Mcllroy, is one shot behind the leader after the 1st round. wondering if he can win again and another major. just have to wait and see? he has been on a hot streak lately.

  7. i have seen a little of the new cubs player Baez, he really looks like the real deal. they have a few other top players in the minors but now they need some pitching. either by trade or off season free agent. it would be good to see them win just like Pittsburgh last year making the play offs.

  8. well pre season football is upon us so regular season is right around the corner. to you all next week.


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