THE NOVEMBER MAN                         BILL GRANGER
Posted:  Aug. 21, 2014

The November ManIn Scotland to prevent a memored assassination, an American agent fights terrorists, traitors, and Russian agents.

November Man is a reissue of a book from 1986 that I was surprised that I had never read. It would have been something from that time frame that I would have been interested in. any way this story is manly back in the cold war time frame when Russia, Britain, and us were going at it spy wise. The very beginnings of China, but mostly the three of us. The story starts off with a man who is the department head and like all people his area is coming under budget cuts, but at the same time he is noticing a change in policy from a new person put in charge who is saying there is no longer a need for people since satellites and computers. All you need is a few people to factor data. The time for change and that time is now. This man who had been working for the agency has entire adult life knew that there was more than just a few agents around the globe there your many contacts that had been built up for decades and could not see all of that work go down. He called an agent that had for the most part retired his name or code name was November Man, not knowing that his boss had bugged his phone and he could not find anything about this agent sent him into a panic. This lead to a series of events that brings November Man out and into few with bodies being left behind, for they cannot kill him. This is a fast pace story with many twist and turns. A fantastic story of spies and of who can trust and who is out to get you. I thought this to be a great book and a book I finished in one day. Well worth the time. I got this book from net galley. 

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