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MISBEHAVIOR                                        KATHRYN KELLY
Posted:  Sept. 3, 2014

Matthew “Val” Taylor, the Road Captain in the club, was introduced to sex at an early age. Saved from the streets by the club’s Enforcer and President years ago, Val now lives for women and the open road. Until the night the only woman he’s ever loved is almost killed. Val determines to change his ways and be the man Zoann Donovan should have and the father their son deserves.

Zoann has loved Val for a long time. Violence and bitter betrayal forces her to ignore her feelings and distance herself not only from the sexy RC, but her beloved brother, too. Until she discovers the truth. Can Zoann ever be forgiven for all the pain she’s caused? Will Val overcome his own demons and have a future with her and their son? Who will survive in an MC filled with lust and revenge, love and hate?

Warning: This is a tale of rape, murders, deception, heartache, lies, and infidelity. The road to redemption is a tumultuous struggle where only the strong survive and justice is served…Outlaw-style.

     OMG!  Ms. Kat can write some intense spellbinding stories.  This is not a story for the faint at heart at all.  There are some intense moments that you will want to skip through and don’t fill bad I did.  Sorry Kat.  As the warnings tell you before even buying any of her works. If you want to get her raw interpretation of Death Dwellers MC (Bikers Club) then you have to take the good with the bad.  What I like is that she is able to take a barbaric way of existence and give it a humanistic touch allowing the reader to understand that not all that live this lifestyle are inhuman 24/7.
     Through each of the characters you see all the things you or I want in our lives but in its raw form and with each new in coming member being more educated than the next the turmoil that brings to the MC.  Even with Outlaw and Meg and how she wants to see changes for him and for her son’s future.  There still has to be business as usual guns and drug running but with a new system more hi-tech and slick.  Well so are the women they are marrying or living with, they are more worldly, these are stronger women that not only want more for their children, themselves, but especially their man.  It’s not all about “Connecting Uglies or doing the Ugly Game.”  Not explain that you will have to read and see but it is what of the many parts to the story that makes it so humanly endearing as well as chill binding.  Being that in some ways they don’t fly off the handle with the men they can sweet talk them to see their point of views, sometimes helpful and sometimes not.
     This story revolves around Zoann Donovan the sister to the head of the Death Dwellers, Christopher “Outlaw.”  They had a falling out when she was 17 and had been raped and everyone had told her “Christy” as she called him didn’t want her pesty self around the club house.  At that time he was not the leader Big Joe was.  Joe had tried to keep it from Christopher/Outlaw for a very good reason which I won’t reveal.
     At the time this happened Zoann was just starting to fall for Matthew “Valentine” Taylor one of the Original 4 as they are called of the Dwellers.  Val was 4 years older but light years street wise than she was.  The overly protected Catholic School Girl, Outlaw ordered none of his Dweller Brothers to touch her ever for fear of DEATH.
     But the same day she was RAPED she had made plans to meet the next day with Val for a first date which she didn’t end up keeping.  Val had been at her grandda’s house doing work and she had given him her home made lemonade.  Being a virgin she was not use to Val’s crudeness.  You see Val was basically sexually abused repeatedly over and over again until it was an addition to him along with drugs to numb him.  Which all started for him at the age of 10.
     You also see how things go in their relationship or non-relationship.  Johnnie has to put his foot down with Kendall finally, Bailey puts her foot down with Mort which is pretty funny really.  Mort has been one of my most favorite characters.  So, we get his story next can’t wait, Hurry Kat!!!
Zoann I end up loving her and her strength of character and ability to stand strong when all seemed to want to make her crumble.  I never liked her before so that says a lot about Kat’s writing ability.  Christopher was an ass most of the book and his treatment to Megs but it was good to see Megs show her backbone and some sass thanks to Mort.  The way Kat left it with the two of them though got me. I thought though, “Oh boy, holy hell is going to break lose on this one.”
     Well, I think you guessed I like this book.  I did, I won’t lie there are a couple of tough scenes you may rush through or skip completely.  One being when Zoann meets a stranger at her grandda’s house when Matthew drops her off.  But that is all I am telling you.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by author for an honest review.
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Series order:
Misled                         #1                    Release date:  December 5, 2013       H/h: Christopher & Megan
Misappropriate           #1.5                 Release date:  February 14, 2014      H/h: Christopher & Megan
Misunderstood                        #2                    Release date:  April 5, 2014               H/h: Johnnie & Kendall
Misdeeds                     #2.5                 Release date: June 5, 2014               H/H: Johnnie & Kendall
Misbehavior                #3                    Release date:  September 17, 2014    H/h: Val & Zoann
Misguided                   #4                    Release date:  December 5, 2014       H/h: Mortician & Bailey
Misconduct                 #5                    Release date:  TBA                            H/h: Digger & Peyton
Misfit                           #5.5                 Release date:  TBA                            H/H/h: Stretch, Cash & Ophelia

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