DAYS OF RAGE                                           BRAD TAYLOR
Posted:  Nov. 30, 2014

Days of Rage (Pike Logan, #6)The Taskforce is used to being the hunter, but this time they’re the hunted.

Intent on embroiling the US in a quagmire that will sap its economy and drain its legitimacy, Russia passes a potential weapon of mass destruction to Boko Haram, an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria. A relic of the Cold War, the Russian FSB believes the weapon has deteriorated and is no longer effective, but they are wrong. Boko Haram has the means for mass destruction, which will be set loose upon a multitude of unsuspecting innocents on one of the world’s grandest stages.

Trying to solve the riddle of who might be stalking them, Pike Logan and the Taskforce have no idea what’s been set in motion; but there’s another secret from the Cold War buried in the Russian FSB, and exposing it will mean the difference between life and death—not only for Pike and his partner, Jennifer, but for perhaps millions more around the globe.


This is another Pike Logan, book and in this one the taskforce is being attacked instead of the other way around. A older Russian Vladimir the impaler, is form the old KGB and is now working with a younger man named Yuri and another named Dimitri. The last two have been able too raid our FSB and put all of our information new and old onto a drive and are looking at selling it to the highest bidder and causing America to go into a down fall. The team is sent to Bulgaria, and that is when a team member is targeted, and then they are put on high notice. They then also start working with the Israelis who also are looking for those three men. Once the story gets going you then find out that there is a mole in the U.S. government, and though this is only my second book of his that I have read, I was surprised by who it was. There is a lot of action and new characters that were brought in that made this a quick and enjoyable read. I like the female character of the Israeli Mossad agent, she along with the Jennifer and Pike kept the story moving along at a fast pace. A very good book. I got this book from net galley. 

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