DYING COMMITMENT                              S.M. BUTLER
Posted:  Nov. 26, 2014

Dying Commitment (Lucky Thirteen, #3)Five years ago, former NSA agent Cadence Long almost died from her mentor’s bullet. She learned one valuable lesson that day: Trust no one. That’s why her casual friendship with Dylan works so well. They both agree that a romantic relationship is off the table, but when he starts flashing that dazzling smile and those twin dimples at her, the sizzling attraction between them becomes impossible for her to resist.

Navy SEAL Dylan Urban is ready for more than a romp in the sheets with Cadence, but convincing her proves a more difficult mission than he’s prepared for. After she runs off on an unsanctioned, one-woman kamikaze mission, the only way he can see to protect Cadence is to get her open up and trust him, but it might mean losing his heart in the process.

While on the trail of one of the most notorious traitors in recent history, both Dylan and Cadence must decide if what they have or could have is worth giving up the chase, or if for once, they might have to trust another to break down the walls they so carefully crafted.

This is a love story slash get back at the former partner who shot me twice and left me for dead story. Candace Long, worked for the NSA as an agent and her former partner shot her twice five years ago and she had to be rescued by a Navy Seal Team. She got fired from NSA and then got hired by the Seals as the tech person to work with them to go after her former partner who is now working with a criminal organization. After three years she has finally tracked down her former partner and wants to go after him, but must take someone from the team with her. Just happens to be Dylan Urban, who they share more than a work space together, (bed). This story works the author brings everything together and it is a fast read. It is only 154 pages. A fast paced good story that is just fun. Good book. I got this book from net galley. 

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