Posted:  Nov. 21, 2014

The Lost Art of Falling in LoveGracie is fully supportive of her friends’ series of how-to videos to preserve “lost arts”—until they ask her to star in The Lost Art of Tying a Bow Tie. It’s not that she can’t tie one, it’s the man on the receiving end of her skilled fingers.

Mitch McKenna’s rugged, shirtless demonstrations of his prodigious survival skills have set the Internet on fire. He and city-girl Gracie have often clashed over his domineering, he-man ways. But when he shows up clean-shaven and dressed in a tux, he takes her breath away.

Their scorching-hot chemistry lights up the set—and the glorious nights that follow at his wilderness hideaway. But he is alarmed by the profusion of online perverts responding to Gracie’s beauty, and she balks as his protective instincts take over.

Their quarrel sends her running back to the city, leaving Mitch with a grim decision. Protect her the only way he knows how and lose her love. Or do it her way, and risk losing her forever.

Warning: Not a fair fight. Not even close.

    What do you do when you have fallen hard for a guy who you don’t really care for?  One who has poor social and verbal skills but has been on occasion the object of your sexual dreams?  You make a “Lost Art of Video” with them and have unbelievable monkey sex with him, right?
     You made him climb out the bathroom window when your mutual friends come looking for you.  Grace Eaton, 27, is best-friends with Keira, who is a CPA and her ex college roommate.  She is also friends with Keira’s boyfriend Nathan who is like a brother to her.  A couple of years ago Nathan’s brother died and his brother’s best friend has taken over that role as brother/friend.  This friend Mitch Mckenna, 32, has moved to town and is helping out Nathan to fulfill his dreams.
     It became known that Mitch called Gracie, “Fembot” for a female robot, because she did matchie-matchie with her pink bra, nail polish, and toe nail polish.  So, when Gracie finds out she starts calling him Mt. Man, He-Man, etc… because he never shaves or really cuts his hair it seems. They both assumed neither like each other, when really they were both having sex dreams about each other.  These videos Nathan launches of Gracie and Mitch blow up and now Gracie has a stalker.
     Mitch and Kahn (his dog) to the rescue?  Not if Gracie can help it!
     I loved this book there are a lot of twist to this story and some serious stuff to the fun story line. The characters are fun and there is a lot of action that it keeps your attention.  Some spots made me teary eyed.  I give this 5 stars.

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