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With Pat

1)  The Kentucky Wildcats with nice Macdonalds High School All-American are setting the bar for this early for the NCAA season.  With the way they beat Kansas the other night.

2.)  The back to back games of 50 points by the Packers are the first in their history.

3.)  In Baseball, I am surprised that the Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton to a 13 year $325 million contract extension, since he is coming off an injury and lately the long term deals are not working out.


  1. the Cavaliers lost tonight in Washington and except for a few plays they just looked out of step. and Love for the second game i watched could not get any shots to drops, just out rhythm.

  2. the raiders last night finally got their first win. i thought for a while they were going to find a way to lose the game after leading it for so long. so a win is good.

  3. the last three seasons there have been a team each year scoring 50 points in back to back games. before the 2012 season you have to go back to the 63 season, the Chargers did it twice, but that was the AFL at the time until they merged. then in 1950 both the GIANTS and the RAMS did it. then in 49 the 49 NINERS OF THE AAFL.

  4. Last Saturday Melvin Gordon ran all over the Cornhuskers for 408 yards. He set a major college rushing record for most yards in a game and he did not play in the 4th quarter. he is also closing in on the record for average yards per carry.

  5. thank you for looking if you want to ask a question feel free. talk next week.


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