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1)  Three weeks ago now.  Lindsey Vonn attempting to comeback from two reconstructive knee operations, made her return in a downhill race, she finished second on Friday.  Saturday she shocked everyone by winning and that was her 60th world cup victory.  But also what was a first for either men or women in a world cup event was a sweep.  First, second, third, and the Victory puts Vonn two behind the World Record for World Cup victories for women.  She does now need to wear a brace on her right knee when she skies.

2.)  Fuzzy Thurston, who played guard for the Packers in 60’s passed away over the weekend.  He was part of 5 championship teams & of course along with Jerry Kramer, part of the great Packers sweep during the 60’s.  Opening holes for Paul Houring & Jim Taylor to run through.

3.)  As football season is coming down to the final last two weekends it should be somewhat exciting to see who makes the playoffs.


  1. well it looks like the Boston Celtics traded Rajon Rondo, to the Dallas Mavericks the Celtics will get three players and a first round draft pick in 2015. Dallas also gets a player named Dwight Powell.

  2. The Dodgers after making so many moves last week at the winter meetings are now at a step back with the last trade being put on hold when it was discovered the Matt Kemp, has arthritis in both hips. the Padres of course who still want Kemp also want the Dodgers to increase their financial part of the deal which was around 32 million of Kemp's 107 million still owed to Kemp.

  3. well the Bears are going to start Jimmy Clausen this weekend against the Lions, Jay Cutler, of course is not happy but maybe for a game a change is good just to shake up the team at least on offense. the Bears are probably going to fire Trestman at the end of the year any way so what does he have to lose. as a football fan i was not expecting the Bears to be at the bottom this year. as a Packer fan i still hope that they can pull off an upset and beat the Lions. it is good to see that stadium filled, not like other teams that their fans don't come out to support. so maybe if the Bears win the last two games they save their coaches job. we can only wait and see.

  4. it also looks like tonight that the Padres, Rays and Nationals will be completing a three team trade with the Padres getting a guy Myers from the Rays, who is 24, and a catcher and two pitchers. Rays will get a outfielder and pitcher from the Nationals, and the Nationals will get Joe Ross a pitcher and an infielder from the Padres.

  5. well i try to post something next week. happy holidays.


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