INSIDE THE VAULT                              AMIL DINSIO
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Millions of dollars sat in a small, non-descript bank perched on a hill in the quiet town of Laguna Niguel in Orange County. But deep within its vaults was a secret: millions of dollars in illegally obtained funds belonging to none other than President Richard Nixon. Those stolen funds would not remain Nixon's for long. Over the weekend of March 24, 1972, a crew of bank burglars from Youngstown, Ohio orchestrated a burglary of the vault, which would eventually result in a score of over twelve million dollars - the biggest bank vault burglary in U.S. history. This book tells the remarkable true story of that burglary, written by the real-life mastermind who planned it: Amil Dinsio, one of the most successful and prolific bank robbers and burglars of the 1960s and 70s. Dinsio reveals not only the technical details on how the crime was committed, but also how the perfect burglary was undone by the FBI's dirty tricks.

I found this book to be very interesting. Written by the one of the men who robbed banks in the Midwest in the 60’s and 70’s, He takes you through his back ground and how he got into robbing banks and how his crew were very good at it. He starts off the book saying that yes he did rob the bank in Orange County in 1972, but that the way the evidence was obtained without warrants, and that there was some evidence planted that started the search should have been thrown out of court, but was not. That during discovery when the prosecution is supposed to show the defense what they have that was not done and then when more so called evidence did appear when his lawyer was able to discredit one piece another piece would all of a sudden appear. During the middle of the trail he knew he was through but he finished the trail anyway and spent his time in prison. In the book he explains how the Laguna Niguel, bank job comes up and he also finds out that the bank is were current President Nixon, has an account. Plus he does not mention it but that area then as now has some very influential people. He took more than just the money, he also took jewels and other items, so you have some very pissed off people. He did not see the backlash that would come from this by not knowing all of the people who had items in the bank. He just knew about Nixon and did not look any further. Plus as a favor he brought along two guys from a local mobster, I think one was related but he knew that the word on the street was these two could not be trusted and when they got caught for some other crime weeks later they rolled over on him. I will say that he came across as honest admitting all he did and also his wife stuck by him the entire time which also says something for him. As for, what the F.B.I. did in collecting or gathering the evidence and the way they did it. I do believe most of what he says. They had been after him for decades and they needed to make a case, yes the evidence was tainted, I have read stories where they have done this plus I have heard people say they were detained and certain items were taken and then after so many hours they were free to go, of course they did not have their item like a camera and did not say anything because they were happy to be leaving. So he is writing this book so the average citizen can be aware what the F.B.I. or other agency can do to you to make up evidence, and to protect us. Still this is a interesting story. I got this book from net galley.  4 STARS

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