Posted:  Feb. 11, 2015

Marrying the Marine: The Brides of Hilton Head IslandMarrying the Marine 
Criminal Investigator Braylon Wexler has arrived in Hilton Head Island to dutifully serve his country on Paris Island Military base. As soon as he arrives the calm he's been longing for is pleasantly shattered by the tantalizing stormy presence of Sandella Summers. She is an unexpected surprise that stirs a hot longing in him, like a hot poker through blazing coals. 

Sandella Summers is perfectly happy with baking her pies, her life is simple and pleasing, just the way she likes it. But her contentment is interrupted by the appearance of Braylon Wexler, a seductive and arrogant Marine, not her typical choice in a man. 

Sandella holds a secret to her heart, slowing Braylon down in his quest to win her over. But Braylon excites Sandella in ways she never thought possible. Braylon is a man of honor and he’s determined to not only to win her heart, but bring her family to closure of a deeply rooted conflict. 

As danger and menace ensue the two lovers, can they make peace with the past and truly let love heal? Will Braylon risk his heart and his life to get everything he wants?


In this love story the two main characters must overcome the elephant in the room. Years ago her mother was killed and the story goes it was done by the hand of a Marine. Sandella Summers, who works for the Wexler family, and is taking care of Royce who has Downs’s syndrome. Meets Marine Braylon Wexler, who has just been transferred to the criminal investigative unit at the nearby base. Once they meet there is an instant attraction between them and he finds that not only is she great working with his uncle Royce, but that she is a fantastic baker even supplying a few area bakeries with her pies. As the story goes along once he reports to base strange things start to happen to him. Example the file for Sandella’s mother ends up in his truck, even though it is a copy he is now ready to find the killer of her mother and is trying to figure out why certain people who are still on base have not done more with the case. Have a while the attraction between the two of them can’t be denied and she is doing everything to hide it from her father and brothers. Meanwhile he still gets little clues about the case and then when he goes to talk to someone their house starts on fire that very night so now he is feeling like he is getting closer, but he is still trying to find the person who is leaving him clues either on his desk or at his truck. He is also putting together a list of suspects. The relationship starts getting intense between the two of them and the next thing she knows is that he is helping her to take her business to the next level in getting a license, a bakery, a name, and the orders are starting to go out the roof. When the author brings the book to a close and you find out what happens she has done it a way that makes sense and true to the story that she had already created, she has also created closer for some of the other characters. This is good story, with mystery and romance and sex. A good book. I got this book from net galley.  4 STARS.

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