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Doug Buffone

     Who played linebacker for the Chicago Bears from 1966-1979 passed away on April 20, 2015.  He played alongside Dick Butkus and had more than 1,200 tackles.  Going over 100 tackles in seven seasons.  He also was the defensive Captain for eight seasons.  He also had 24 interceptions his first two were off of Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas both Hall of Fame Quarterbacks.  When he retired he was the last active Chicago Bear player to have played for George Halas.
     As a Bear player he played in the third of the most games at 186.  Still holds their record for most career interceptions at linebacker (24) and most sacks in a season (18) in 1968.  Even though I am a Packer fan, Doug Buffone was a heck of a player and stayed in Chicago after his playing days were over.
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  1. Well Cleveland won tonight, so they lead in their series 3-0 over Boston. Chicago and Milwaukee are in ot that is a good game. It looks like New Orleans may win tonight against Golden State. I was not surprised that the Spurs won last night. you can never count them out.

  2. The Ducks in Hockey have already won their series and now just wait. Looking forward to seeing how the Hockey games turn out.

  3. Next week is the Pro football draft and i did a review of a book titled "On The Clock". How the draft started way back when and how it has turned into a major production. Also goes into how some people turned their hobby into a full time job, Mel Kipper Jr. for example. Really a good book about the history of football and of the draft.

  4. The draft is still amazing to me because i can remember the Packers taking a guy in the first round of the 1980 Bruce Clark, he was the # 4 pick that year and he said he would not play for the Packers and he did not. He signed with A Canadian team, Toronto. Then in 1981 the Packers took Rich Campbell Quarterback with the # 6 pick he did not work out either. The Packers could have taken Joe Montana, who Bart Starr, wanted but was talked out of he went 3rd found at # 82 Packers at # 71 in 3rd round picked Charles Johnson. Now we come to my favorite Packer draft, Tony Mandarich at # 2, Troy Aikman went # 1 and Barry Sanders went # 3. And Packer fans still complain about last years 7th round not doing anything for the team! we would go years with a fist, second and sometimes a third round not even making the team. This is not even talking about the John Hadl to from the Rams that is giving me heartache still just thinking about it.

  5. Anyway if you can watch any old film of the Bears make sure you get to see Doug Buffone, he was a fantastic player and one that at least should have been an All Pro but was not. that is a shame. he played with Butkus, Sayers, just to name a few but those years they never made it to the playoffs. still a great linebacker.

  6. Talk to you next week about the draft and other things. be save.


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