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1.)  Hockey Playoffs have now started…

2.)  NBA Basketball Playoffs start playing with some new teams…

What was the name of the Pro Football Championship Trophy before the Lombardi trophy?
Answer to follow tonight @ 7:30 p.m. PST.


  1. What a great Masters this past weekend. I can't play golf worth a ....... but to see Jordan Spieth lead wire to wire was something. Then Tiger having a good showing along with Phil it was good for golf. I like that after the 18th hole Spieth walked out and showed his appreciation to the crowd that was very nice.

  2. Well last nights hockey game between Nashville and Chicago was a good game. Nashville jumped out to a 3-1 lead only to see Chicago come back and tie them in the third and then win in the 2 OT. Chicagos goalie made some fantastic saves. a good game.

  3. With the NBA playoffs starting Friday it will be interesting to see which two teams make it to the finals. Do the Warriors have the parts to do it as well as the Hawks, the two top teams in each league. Or will some other team get hot and make a run. Then their is always San Antino do they still have what it takes for another year? It will be interesting to see. Me i would like to see Golden State and Cleveland in the finals i think that would be a good match up.

  4. The football draft is just a few weeks away. Everyone is coming out with their mock drafts and who will go # 1, i think Tampa will take Winston, right or wrong he is ready to play right now and i am sure that is one of the factors for them.

  5. Now to answer the trivia question. From 1934- 1969, the NFL Champion was presented the Ed Thorp Trophy. Ed Thorp was a referee, rules expert and a friend of some of the NFL's early and influential owners. It was created after he passed away in 1934. The league stop putting names on the trophy after the 51 Rams won, because there was no more room. Their was also another story that in 69 the Vikings had lost the Trophy some how. Now there is a story of the Akron Pros to have received a trophy in 1920 called the Brunswick- Balke - Collender Co. But that trophy has been lost and only a story.

  6. well i will talk to you next week. be save and have a good week.


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