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Posted:  May 5, 2015

Meant for You (The Montgomery Brothers, #5)She dares to dream...

Summer Montgomery wants to be taken seriously almost as much as she wants her brother's best friend, Ethan. But with a long resume of seemingly random career choices and a protective brother on watch, those things are nothing more than pipe dreams...

Does he dare to try?

Ethan Reed would like nothing more than to live by his own rules. Not wanting to disappoint his best friend Zach, or any of the Montgomerys, Ethan's had to push his long-denied feelings for Summer aside. But it only takes one night away from watchful eyes to make impossible dreams come true...

     I love this family, The Montgomery’s.  Hard to warm up to Robert, William to me is much easier and so funny.  In the end Robert grows on you because you see he only wants what’s best for his children.  Somewhere along the way he forgot how to communicate and show love without hurting hearts verbally.  William his brother being the gentle fatherly one is slowly guiding him in the right direction.
     Don’t get me wrong these two together are a whirlwind coming through, all in the name of love.  You see William’s on a mission to help Robert get all his children married off like he did playing covert matchmaker.  Being the keen observer that he is he has set his sights on Summer for she is easier to read than his nephew Zach.  He does like to boast that he was the one that got James and Ryder together with their wives.  Although, the boys would deny that to their dying days.
     Over the years though William had noticed that both Summer and Ethan Reed, V.P. at Montgomery, Portland office, were always checking each other out when no one was looking or so they thought.  Yet, acting like they didn’t know each other when really Ethan grew up like an added son/brother to her and her brother’s.  He figured they needed test his theory.  Robert and he send Summer to work at the Portland office.  Robert was uneasy because in his eyes Summer was a flake.  Always moving and changing jobs.  William thought differently.
     Zach his oldest son who is the president of the Portland office was not happy at all.  He was feeling like he was being made to babysit his irresponsible little sister.  He felt like he was being spied on also.  The whole time she is working there at the office he is mean, rude, and yelling all the time at her.  Ethan found himself playing the go-between.  Zach and Ethan were getting ready to go on an expedition of mountain climbing in Alaska.  That no one really wanted them to go on, especially Zach. 
     You see the year before he injured his foot in an airplane fall.  He was not giving his body enough time to heal.  On top of that Zach was just mad.  He was mad at all the normal things, but he was mad at Summer for everything.  She was now harping on him not going on this trip.  She is a licensed Yoga instructor and knows a little about the body and she can tell he should be resting it more.  She on top of everything else just had a major bad feeling about him going.
     The day before the trip Zach can't get in touch with Summer by phone and she is not at work.  He is fit to be tied.  Ethan says that he had been telling her how he didn’t want her around and she is a pain in the neck.  Well maybe she went home to North Carolina until he left.  Now he was mad because she’s a flake and she hasn’t let someone know she was going anywhere.  Now he was going to have to worry about her and find her when he should be worrying about the climb.
     Ethan knew he was the leader of this climb and needed his head on straight for safety reasons.  He volunteered to find her but asked him did you ask your secretary if she knows where she is?  He does Gabriella and she says not getting involved with family business.  Mainly because she is mad at Zach for yelling all the time at Summer and everyone else lately.  He blows his top and says I know you made reservations somewhere.  She said she did for her and a “guest” and she will only give them the name of the town and that it is a teepee rooms.  And then tells them she is going to lunch.
     The guys didn’t hear guest they heard “guy”/”man”/”boy toy.”  You pick.  Holy Cow!  Did they lose it!  Ethan went home took care of some stuff packed an overnight bag and then to the company jet at the last minute to take him out of town.  He finds her and voice are raised.  Their lives are changed and so are everyone else’s. 
     When they finally make some kind of move they are not sure if it is for the good or not.  They have to weigh and measure their options and that of their family.  This is one of those books you don’t want to put down or see end.  They all become a part of you as you read.  You can almost see them in your mind’s eye.  I give this 5 ++++ stars
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