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The NBA finals are set with Cleveland taking on Golden State. Should be a good series and who would have thought Cleveland would be in without Love, or Irving. I do think Irving will be playing in this series. Still at the beginning of the season the way Cleveland got off to such a slow start I really don’t think to many people had them to be where they are now and really they could win this and that really would be something for James but also for the city of Cleveland has not won a championship since the Browns won in 1964. This would really be a big win for them. For James this would add to his historic run of consecutive NBA finals appearances.      


  1. Both hockey finals are coming down to game seven to see which two teams will play for the cup. Just being a hockey fan they have been good series and really can't say who will win tomorrow night and Saturday. But looking forward to games.

  2. Looks like Ray Mcdonald, football career is over hopefully he can get his life in order. Really a waste. Then you have Adrian Peterson sounding off on the Vikings, but i don't think they are going to trade him, and i don't see him making the kind of money that he is getting with his contract in Minnesota. But hey that is just me, i don't know how much leverage his has being out a year to try to get his current deal restructured because he still has three left on it has has not played.

  3. The Bulls fired their head coach Tom Thibodeau, today which i guess should not be a surprise. Sports people out of Chicago were saying this during the playoff games against Cleveland, which i am sure helped them a lot. When all else fails fire the coach not the GM also who gave him the players and is still there putting a team together but not taking his share of the blame.

  4. I really don't follow soccer to much, but what big news coming out with the scandal and arrests of top officials of the FIFA. Now the U.S. is going to vote for someone new for the President of FIFA since the President said he was not going to step down even though this happened on his watch but they say he was not involved. This man Blater has been President since 1998 and a day after the arrests says he is the man for the job to clean up this mess. He was already on the job and he failed, he just said "I cannot monitor everyone all the time". So i ask you ? How can you say that then say you will fix the problem. I think it is time for new leadership and this is from someone who does not follow the sport except Worl Cup and Olympics. Just my take.

  5. Have a good week talk to next Thursday.


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