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     Mike Trout of the Angel’s was the MVP of the All-Star Game the other night.  Not only is Trout one of 4 players to win the award twice, but he is the first player to ever win the award in back to back years.  He is also one of nine players to hit for the cycle in the All-Star Game.  Of the nine 6 are Hall of Famers.

     Trout is also 5 of 10 so far in his All-Star Games.  Still more are in his future.


  1. The American League won the All- Star game once again and i for one was surprised by the score. Thought maybe it would be a little closer, but what do I know. Not a bad game.

  2. I saw that Dez Bryant, and Demaryius Thomas got their contracts. Both five years 70 million I do know Bryant got a lot of his guaranteed. I have not seen Thomas. I think with the amount of young receivers out their that both clubs might not like these contracts in the future. I know sometimes you can pick up guys when they start waving players and to me there seemed to be plenty of wide receivers out their, but that is just me.

  3. So, can the Houston Astros continue to play for a playoff spot in the second have of the season. Or does the young team start to slide? We will have to watch and see but they have been a nice surprise for the first half of the year.

  4. This Saturday Favre is going to be inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame. Later this year hie #4 will be retired during a game. As a life long Packer fan who grew up watching the 1960's Packer's, I am glad that he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves by the Packer's. Yes the way he handle things at the end was messed up, but I blame both him and the Packer's. But from his first game coming in and taking over for Makoski (the magic man). He lead the Packers to a 4th quarter come from behind win against the Bengals, that is still both the good and bad of Favre, lost fumbles, interceptions, but two touchdowns in something like 2min the last one being a strike from 45 yards out to the corner of the end zone. To a playoff game that not two many people remember against the Lions, yes he threw a couple of interceptions one was returned for a touchdown, but in the second half the defense played lights out Buckley had a pick 6 for 99 yards and the last play was Favre running around stopping throwing a bomb across his body from his 40 or 45 yard line to a streaking Sterling Sharpe on the Lions side of the field for a touchdown game over and the Packers a few years later would win the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years. Yes they all say it is a team and ye Reggie White was a huge part, but if Wolf was not hired and he did not hire Holmgren they would not have traded one of their two first round picks that year to Atlanta for a third string quarterback named Favre. Their would have been no Reggie and some of the other players and of course no Super Bowl. Favre helped bring the Packers back to the fore front and for that i am glad i am still a fan and got too see him play in person four times.

  5. Have a save week and we will see who wins the Open Championship.


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