The Consequence of Revenge (Consequence #2)


The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van DykenAfter losing his best friend to another guy, the notoriously too-confident Max Emory suddenly feels lost. He may have devastatingly good looks, an abundance of charm, and a claim to one of the biggest hotel empires around, but he has no ambition anymore. So when his fed-up friends decide they’ve had enough of his moping, they sign him up to be the next bachelor on the reality series Love Island. And between his pride and his forged signature on an ironclad contract, Max just can’t say no.

Now he’s stranded in paradise with twenty-four women, one terrifying goat, and Becca, the breathtaking barista who already turned him down back home. The closer Max gets to Becca, the more determined he becomes to win her over. As she gets to know him better, things start heating up. But is Becca really after Max’s heart—or is she after the cash prize she could claim once the cameras stop rolling?
     Max Emory is the fun loving best friend to everyone.  He was the best friend to Milo Caro until she married Colton Mathews.  You see Max and Milo met during the first days of college.  He was lusting over her asked her out several times.  Milo though was secretly crushing on her Brother Jason’s best friend Colton plus she thought Max was guy since he was so metrosexual.
     After about the fourth rejection Max said the hell with it I want you in my life let’s be best friends and so they were.  That is until Jason’s non-wedding.  Well he was to get married to the lady from hell but luckily or unluckily depending on who you are and how you are looking at it.  His future bride had dated Max and bedded his brother Reid while dating him.  So, when the truth came out she was supposed to be pregnant and Jason felt trapped operation Max went into action so no wedding.
     As he would say he took one for the team.  Now though after that weekend they still had a month until graduation so Max had to make some decisions. So, he moved to where Milo and the guys all lived.  The thing is Max is a millionaire.  His family owns a chain of liquor stores and hotels.  Having a job has not been in his thought pattern.  In fact part of the reason for moving was so it would be easier to tell his dad he doesn’t want to take over the family business.
     Max not working though and is driving Jason crazy. Max just laze around and does nothing.  He feels he needs purpose in his life.  Something having a job and have the love of woman can do.  But he never seems to be that guy.  He’s always put in the friend zone.  Well, the friend has now gotten pissed.  Being sent to an island to be on a game show where it’s him against 25 eager women who wanted to marry a bachelor, marry this rich bachelor, win the money but not marry the bachelor or marry the bachelor who’s rich and win the money.
      Max was taking back his control he let it go when he lost Milo to Colton.  See how he turns the Island into a Max machine.  In doing so will he miss out on Becca the Starbucks bartista he had tried picking up before the show.  When his backbone was in question?  When she sees this stronger more determined Max she finds it sexy but did she cut off her own arm?
     Becca was there to win the money even if she was the top 4 she would get $20,000.00.  That would pay for the last 2 years of college.  Only 3 days of the Max charm she was only totally sold.  She was talking the Max lingo.  Oh No!  Could she be the new Milo?  Another Best Friend? Or more?  Or will she feel the way his friends do about him needing a job or does she need him to have eyes just for her?  No as funny as the 1st book but still good.  Just had a problem with the negative vibes from his friends and the backstabbing.  His so called friends were frenemies.  Sorry I think I would have dropped them.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by Netgalley.

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