SMITTENED                                                JAMIE FARRELL

Smittened by Jamie FarrellDahlia Mallard is determined save her ice cream shop by getting country music superstar Billy Brenton to attend her risqué flavor-tasting event. But the closest she can get to Billy is his drummer, the womanizing Mikey Diamond. The more she gets to know Mikey, the more she wants to save him from his bad boy ways. When he discovers she’s using him to get to Billy, will she still be able to have her ice cream and eat it too? 

     Dahlia Mallard had a problem.  A guy she met had not only sweet talked her into bed but had sweet talked her out of her life savings.  Which helping out someone never bothered her but that he took off with it and never came by or called again broke her.  She was done with men.
     The bad thing was she had no real cash to help her make it through the winter months.  You see during the summer months you save all the great profits to make it through all the times when people don’t buy as much ice cream.  Oh didn’t I mention Dahlia inherited her ice cream shop from her aunt.  She loves it too, more than anything.  The next being her animals.  She was having an adult tasting, “Risqué Flavor Tasting Event.  Since she her Billy Brenton with his drummer and best friend Mikey Diamond were in town she hatched a plan to save her ice cream shop.
     Her plan was to ask Billy if he would attend in order to help out her business.  Yet when Billy and Mikey came in that morning she froze.  Later that night the ice cream gods shined down on her.  You see the house that Billy and Mikey were renting was right across the street.  Well it being it was winter they had an extra heater plugged in.  Mikey forgot to unplug it when he went out and well the house burnt down.  He stuck around to talk to the police and fire department and Billy took off to go look for a place to lay low and crash.
     As he was standing around waiting this cute woman with glasses and curves he liked started talking to him.  Then she offered up her spare room. (She did mean spare.  Her house was almost empty.) When he figured out that this wasn’t just charity and kindness she needed something from him to get to Billy… He needed something to a place to stay and a shower.  He would play along.  Stay one night until he could get the ball rolling on all the things he needed.  But this lady grew on him overnight, what the heck?  She was a live pistol that made him think and feel again.
     See how these two fight to keep their hearts protected.  See how they spar with one another causing a sexual tension to escalate.
     I enjoyed this super short story.  It gives you all that you need in a love story and humor too.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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