Guess Who is Coming on Friday?
Author of:
M.A. Grant

Best friends do everything together—including falling in love…
Maya and Cat have been there for each other through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the laughter and the heartache. But with college graduation on the horizon and real life looming, they find themselves facing an uncertain future: one where not even friendship can save them from confusing choices, bad decisions, and the risks of falling in love.
Maya knows that love only leads to pain, and the best relationships are short—one night short. But after waking up with Jake, her best friend’s older brother, in her bed, suddenly things aren’t as cut and dry. Cat and Jake are close, a tight unit since their parents’ death, and Cat will never forgive her if Jake gets hurt. Jake is a firefighter, and is used to running into flames—not away from them, and Maya can’t seem to resist. But she’s already decided her future, and it’s far away from here. The only way to get what she’s always wanted is to burn every bridge behind her, and destroy the possibility of a future with the one man she may be willing to love.
When Cat Jacobs’s parents died while she was in high school, her brother’s best friend Dallas Miller was there to help pick up the pieces. Several years and a looming college graduation later, Cat’s motorcycle-riding, tattooed knight is about to ride off into the sunset—and leave her in his dust. She only has six days to convince him to fulfil her secret fantasy of having him for her first before he’s gone forever. She’s stubborn and he’s tempted, but this is a battle for more than just some time in the bedroom—it’s a fight for both their futures.

‘So did you ask him?’ she asks as she sits down. She knows about my plan. In fact, she’s tried to talk me out of it. It was only when she realised how serious I was that she gave in and agreed to help. She called it risk mitigation and I told her to stop trying to use big words she found in my business textbooks. Even if she used it correctly.
          I sip my iced coffee. ‘A big fat no. Technically a hell no.’
          Maya frowns. ‘What’s wrong with him? Can’t he see you’re freaking gorgeous?’
          ‘Says the woman scouted for modelling jobs,’ I retort.
          Maya and I are studies in contrast. I’m thin and small breasted, with nearly white-blonde hair and a swath of freckles over my nose. Maya’s nothing but curves, with rich bronze skin and the thickest, most luxurious tight curls I’ve ever seen. Seriously, when Maya walks into a room, heads turn. Add those killer looks to her sharp wit and free-spirited personality and any man is a goner. Too bad for the general population she seems to have found the one.
          Maybe I should try her methods …
          She must be thinking the same thing because she asks delicately, ‘How’d you ask him?’
          ‘We were having a normal conversation,’ I say. ‘We were joking around and I asked him if he wanted to help de-virginise me and–’
          Maya chokes on a sip of her latte. ‘De-virginise? That’s not even a real word!’
          ‘He understood it fine.’
          ‘And he said no?’
          I nod. She taps her finger on the side of her cup.
‘I didn’t expect that. I mean, he’s so …’
          ‘Yeah. Trust me, I know.’
          And I do, since I know exactly where her mind has drifted. Maya’s first meeting with Dally had occurred our freshmen year when he came to the mall to help us get Old Blue started. He’d come directly over from work, so when he hopped off his motorcycle, he was still in his dirty, greasy mechanic’s jumpsuit. The sun was high and the pavement hot and he swore and muttered under his breath the entire time he laboured over the engine. About an hour in, he’d given up on propriety and unzipped the jumpsuit partway, exposing his white tank top, and tied the sleeves into a makeshift belt around his waist.
          At that point, Maya made the excuse we were going to go buy him some water and dragged me away to grill me about whether or not Dally and I had done it. Thus, she learned about my virginity and my brother’s hot roommate in one fell swoop and was not at all surprised when a few days ago I brought up my plan.
          Maya is still thinking. ‘Did he say why?’
          I sigh and lean back in my chair. ‘Apparently he’s worried Jake will get upset.’
          ‘That’s the understatement of the century,’ she mutters as she takes another sip.
          I glare at her. ‘This isn’t about Jake, okay? This is about me and what I want.’
          ‘And what you want is …’
          Dally. I push that thought down quickly. ‘To lose it before commencement.’
          Maya sees through me in an instant. Her eyes go all gooey and sad. ‘Oh honey, I know how much you like Dallas–’
          ‘It’s fine. He said no. Whatever. I’ll find someone else.’
          One of Maya’s greatest gifts is her expressive face, part of the reason she’s an acting major. However, in moments like this when her disapproval radiates over me, I really wish she wasn’t so good. ‘Catherine, you only get one chance for this–’
          I snort into my drink.
          Maya’s frown deepens. ‘Ha ha. My point is this isn’t something you want to rush.’
          ‘How do you know that?’ I gripe. ‘I have no religious objections or a strong guilt complex. And I don’t have some strong emotional attachment to my hymen–’
          ‘Ugh. That is such an ugly word.’ Maya shakes her head. ‘Hy-men. Seriously, who came up with that? Some drunken gynaecologist?’
          ‘Actually, it’s Latin, stolen from the Greek. And how did we get off topic?’ She tries to explain, but I ignore her commentary and forge ahead. ‘I want the experience, Maya. Why can’t that just be enough?’

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