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     Last night Russell Westbrook put his name in the record book along the likes of Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, & Isaiah Thomas.  25 points, 20 assists, & 10 rebounds.  According to stats, this is the first triple double with those totals since Magic for the Lakers in 1988.  Westbrook was born in 1988.  Whenever you can be on a list with Oscar Robertson & Magic you know you did something special in Basketball.

    Here’s a name no one talks about in HOCKEY.  Andy Bathgate Hall of Fame for the N.Y. Rangers passed away in Feb. He played when there was only six teams and scored 272 goals.  That record was not broken until 73’.  He played over 12 seasons from 50’ to early 60’s.  Named to the All N.H.L. Squad 4 times when his rivals at right wing were Maurice Richards & Bernie Geoffrion of Montreal & Gordie Howe of the Redwings.  The Rangers were not very good and only made the playoffs 4 times when he was playing.
     It was said, “That he was a graceful skater, superb puck handler, & passer who had one of hockey’s hardest slap shots and highly accurate wrist shot.”  He got no garbage goals.  He won the most valuable player (The Hart Trophy) in 59’ scoring 40 goals.  Was elected to the Hall of Fame in 78’.  He was traded in 64’ to the Maple Leafs and scored the first goal in a 4-0 clinching game 7 over the Red Wings in that years Stanley Cup Finals.  He later played for the Red Wings and Penguins.  He finished with 349 goals and 642 assists in 17 seasons.  His #9 that he wore as a Ranger was retired in 2009 and hangs from the rafters in the Garden.


  1. watching the Duke Notre Dame game today i thought for sure the Duke was going to win. Being up by 16 one point in the 2nd half they could not hold the lead and then in OT they got smoked. a little surprising, but anything happens in March.

  2. I was really surprised that Osweiler left Denver for the Texans. His contract is 4 years for 72 mill i still think Denver is a better team, but maybe he knows something.

  3. now that Kaepernick wants out of San Fran i wonder if the Broncos are going to go after him, or maybe Fitzsimmons who also is a free agent. definitely interesting in seeing what they are going to do for a QB.

  4. THOSE TWO UFC FIGHTS THIS PAST WEEKEND DID NOT GO AS ANYONE EXPECTED. I DID NOT SEE Mcgregor losing, but he caught choked out. i do give him props for going up two weight classes, but he needs to go back down and fight at his regular weight. Holly Holm losing surprised me also i was not expecting that especially after beating Rhonda Rousey But you never know once they start going at it. either way it was good to see.

  5. I was very surprised by the Lakers win over Golden State, but like they say you can't win them all. the young guys for the Lakers played real good. The Lakers are losing right now to Cleveland but it is still early.

  6. the USC Trojans beat UCLA three times this year winning again last night and that left UCLA with a losing record. Alford won't be around to long if that happens next year. people will be calling for his head. he is supposed to have a top recruiting class coming in and i think that is the only thing saving him this year.very disappointing season.

  7. Utah beat USC tonight but i think USC may still get a bid to the tournament just have to wait and see. they don't like to give to many west coast schools a chance, maybe that will change this year.


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