Trouble big as all hell.

Retired sheriff’s detective Al Quinn hasn’t spoken to his brother, Maury, in twenty years. When Maury lands in the hospital under suspicious circumstances, though, Al reluctantly abandons his quiet country seclusion to look into the matter. A second attempt to take Maury out drives the brothers back to Al’s lakeside home, where Al knows the territory, but they’re not alone for long. ICE agents demand that Maury rat on his silent partner, city cop Fergie Jergens comes investigating the murders of Maury’s lady friends, and someone takes a match to Al’s house.

Al soon learns his problems are only getting started—his brother’s in trouble on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Caught in a ruthless power struggle between the ICE and Los Zetas, a vicious Mexican mafia bent on ascendancy, Al learns the hard way who he can trust—and who’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

With everything he loves on the line, Al will learn just how far he’ll go to protect his own.


What a story, this goes all over the place and is full of action from the beginning to the end. Al Quinn, and his brother have not spoken to each other for 20 years. Now he gets a call from a friend saying his brother is in the hospital. After seeing his brother he ends up taking him to his own house the next day along with a nurse to provide care. This is where the story really takes off and you have local sheriff, ICE agents, and a drug cartel after them trying to kill his brother. He must find out why and who is actually behind it all. Doing this while dealing with why he and his brother don’t talk. This is a fantastic book and fast pace and the ending threw me for a loop. I liked this book a lot. I got this book from  I give this 4 stars.  Follow us at

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