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First let me say that I am not a soccer fan. It is not that I don’t root for the USA it’s just that the men’s team is not very good. This begins my take on the men’s team not qualifying for the Olympics for the second time. This is the first time in close to 50 years that they have missed consecutive Olympics.  Now I am not faulting the players I am faulting the men that are coaching, and running the soccer program. I feel they are doing a bad job, and now a younger coaching staff of at least bring in ex-players who can relate to the players. They also failed at the u-23, u-17, the u-20 did make the World cup but did not win a game. So now when the other night the men had to win to stay in the hunt for a chance for a spot in the World cup. I ask again where is are young soccer talent when I see many different soccer parks in different cities here just in California. Do they leave at an age where they decide to take their skill to another sport to try to make more money? Maybe. It is sad when I know more of the women’s soccer than the men and they are doing fantastic. Now there is a story out that they a suing for money equal to the men’s, really they should be paid more because they have won more gold medals and more World cups than the men have. It’s sad when I still remember Kyle Rote Jr. being the big name in men's soccer before Lance Donovan came on the scene. Now there is someone that they could use to help the men’s game, but I heard from a radio interview with him he has to take some courses first which he is going to do this summer. So hopefully he can come in to help the program.  


  1. Down to 4 teams in college basketball and though the team i thought was going to make it is not there i do think North Carolina is the team to beat. that being said it would not surprise if if two upsets happen either the way this years tournament has been going.

  2. This story was interesting the city of Philadelphia is officially apologizing to Jackie Robinson for the shameful way he was treated by the city. This was done by the city council who has made April 15 a day to honor Jackie Robinson achievements and to apologize for the racism he faced while visiting Philadelphia in 1947. He was refused service by a local hotel along with racial slurs from the team and fans when he came to bat. the apology will be presented to his widow Rachel. a story from ass. press.

  3. now back to soccer for a moment. the womens team are the current world cup and Olympic champions and have brought in more revenue 20 million than the men but get paid 4x's less than what the men get paid. there is something really wrong with this picture.

  4. in hockey it looks like in the playoffs for only the second time there will be no Canadian team to make it, so it will be all American teams. strange.


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