A year ago, Jackson Burke was married to the love of his life and playing quarterback for the Texas Redhawks. Now he’s retired, courtesy of the car accident that ruined his career—and single, after a nasty scandal torpedoed his marriage. Just as he’s starting to get used to his new life as a health and fitness columnist for Oxford magazine, his unpredictable ex shows up on his doorstep in Manhattan. Jackson should be thrilled. But he can’t stop thinking about the one person who’s always been there for him, the one girl he could never have: her younger sister.

Mollie Carrington can’t say no to Madison. After all, her older sister practically raised her. So when Madison begs for help in winning her ex-husband back, Mollie’s just glad she got over her own crush on Jackson ages ago—or so she thought. Because as Mollie reconnects with Jackson, she quickly forgets all her reasons to stay loyal to her sister. Tempted by Jackson’s mellow drawl and cowboy good looks, Mollie is sick and tired of coming in second place. But she can’t win if she doesn’t play the game.


Jackson Burke was a quarterback with the Texas Red hawks until a car accident ended his career. He is now living in New York working for Oxford magazine as their fitness writer, but he is still not happy. Having to wear a suite every day, no good barbeque, to just name a few. He definitely is not making any friends at work, he is not trying to make any. He finally calls back his ex-sister in law Molly Carrington who has lived in New York for a couple of years while going to college at Columbia, she is now working towards her doctorate. He arrives at the restaurant but does not recognize her in a red dress and a very shapely body that he does not remember. After their dinner he offers her to stay at his penthouse while she looks for a new place to live, and though she wants to she says no at first then agrees after some words. What he does not know is that she has always liked him and was there for him after he came home from practice when her sister was married to him was out with her friends. The relationship between Molly and her sister Madison is very different. Madison though she divorced him over a year ago still wants to be part of his live but, after Molly moves in and a talk from the boss of the magazine Jackson starts to go out with his coworkers and is taking Molly to company parties. This of course leads to them becoming a couple and when Molly tells Madison her true colors come out and she finds out that Jackson has been wanting to go back to Texas. Once he is there in Texas what is just to be for a weekend he realizes that he does not belong anymore and that he made huge mistake leaving Molly. After an hour in Texas he returns to New York and now must come up with a way to tell Molly how he feels and hope that she will take him back. A good story but I will not give away the ending. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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