VOWS TO THE FALLEN (Marathon #2)


Vows to the Fallen 
An Officer’s Journey Through Guilt and Grief 
Another techno-thriller from the author of The Marathon Watch

August 9, 1942, 01:42 hours 
USS Green on patrol off Red Beach, Guadalcanal 
Bridge Officer: Lieutenant Patrick O’Toole 

Lieutenant O’Toole’s goal is simple: someday he wants to become an admiral. But in a few moments, his life will change . . . forever. Yesterday, the marines stormed the beaches of Guadalcanal. Today, the Japanese Navy will strike back. The sudden and horrific carnage scars O’Toole for life and throws him into the abyss of survivor’s guilt and posttraumatic stress. 
The Pacific War does not wait for O’Toole to heal. Duty calls, each new assignment brings more responsibility, and the roll call of the fallen grows. At the Battle of Mujatto Gulf, O’Toole faces a superior battle-hardened Japanese fleet and discovers the strength within him to climb from the abyss and find his true life’s mission. To the fallen, he vows never to abandon that mission no matter how high the cost. 

This is a fascinating story about a young Navy Lt. Patrick O’Toole who is at 0142 hrs. Is bridge officer of the USS Green, he receives an update from the officer he relived but feels that they should be at battle stations ready for a Japanese attack. They are outside of Guadalcanal and know there will be a counter attack. He calls the Captain to the Bridge and is dressed down for waking him, a minute later the bridge is blown apart the Captain is dead and the Green takes another hit taking out guns and the boiler room seconds later another explosion by now he is trying to save as many men as possible when another explosion rips the ship knowing now they are sinking he gives the order to abandon ship. Now in the water he is working on saving the men in the water and it would be days before they are rescued. He goes through what we now know is PTSD and he is driven not to lose any more men. He drives the men he has under his command and makes them ready to fight so when they are attacked they will know exactly what to do. His next ship is the Able and when that ship is going down he himself fires off some rounds and takes out an enemy ship to get the nickname Terror O’Toole. A story that feels like you are reading someone’s journal this is an excellent book that gives the reader a sense that they are right there in the action. A good story. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. 
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