He's a tough cop on a mission. 
She avoids cops like the plague. 
He'll take the challenge... 

Single mom Isabel Garcia's blood runs cold when an innocent dig in her garden unearths evidence of her late husband's criminal activity, one she knew nothing about! When she calls narcotics detective Linc Heller, she faces another shock-- her wild attraction to the hot detective.

Yet Linc's perilous profession makes him unsuitable as a potential husband and stepfather. Protecting her little daughter from further heartache, Isabel vows to avoid Linc. But the alpha lieutenant is determined to woo the elusive Latin beauty and show her some risks make life worth living.

This book opens with Isabella Garcia finding evidence that her ex-husband who is now dead was into illegal activities. She calls the detective Linc Heller who was the investigator and who is also attracted to her. Isabella likes him but his job does not make him an ideal stepfather for her daughter who has already lost her father and feels she could not handle another loss. On top of that she is trying to work on saving her families nursery business that took a loss the year before because of a freeze that hit there area. Linc does not give up on asking her out and when she finally agrees she does have a good time but she is still torn. When he meets the daughter she immediately likes him and wants to invite him to one of her school plays but her mother does not know. By then she has told him they need to break it off but he still goes to the play. He continues to hope for her to ease up and let him in but she is stubborn to the point where her own family is telling her to give him a chance. When he finally does something for her and the nursery that eases him into her heart she opens just a little. Will it be enough read the book and find out? A good story. I got this book from Netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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