The Bad Boys of Destiny are back and this playboy billionaire has his sights set on more than just a merger.

Colt King has spent his whole life trying to prove he's not the trash his hometown of Destiny, Nevada, thought he and his brothers were. As soon as he was old enough he left town, vowing to make a name for himself and never looking back at the place that looked down on him. But that plan goes out the window when his ailing elderly aunt asks him to come home.

He begrudgingly returns to help the woman who raised him. But he's no longer the poor kid from the bad part of town. He's the ruler of a custom car empire and a financial genius. He arrives expecting a boring stay, but when he walks into his childhood home to find a woman in nothing but her underwear pointing a shotgun at his face, he knows his trip home will be a memorable one. With his aunt sick and forcing him to help her restore her fledgling hair salon, he has more than enough on his plate. Colt has no idea that her sexy tenant, Zanna, is going to be the cause of his many sleepless nights.

Zanna Jacobs came to the ghost town of Destiny to stay out of trouble and stay the hell away from men. She's got a serious thing for bad boys that's she trying to kick, and when she lays her eyes on the brutishly handsome Colt, she knows he's got bad news written all over him. He's not the typical thug she goes for: He's too clean cut, too good looking, and too cold--and when he comes to take over her salon, she's not going to take it. Zanna decides to show him exactly who the boss is. Colt is used to people following his orders, and when Zanna challenges his every word he finds her infuriating and incredibly sexy. He can't keep his hands off her...and knows that once he returns to Las Vegas, all bets are off...

The King Brothers have been summoned home by the women who raised them. After Colt the middle brother has a run in with his older brother Duke who runs the custom car company, he actually does the manual labor and Colt stays in the company offices making money. Duke spent 10 years in prison and when he came out started working towards owning a custom car shop. Colt did his time in college getting a degree in business and is now working at making more money for them and a younger you use to race car is the face of the company. Now back in the small town where they never thought they would be again to see the Aunt who took them in when their father took off leaving them and then Duke did everything he could to keep them feed and clothe only to get arrested for stealing food. That is when she came in and took the boys in. Duke goes to prison for an assault charge. When they get to the house Duke drops off the two brothers and heads off to the hospital. When Colt goes into the home he is confronted with a women holding a gun. After getting the gun away from her he finds out that she is living there and working at the salon the Aunt owns. Her name is Zanna. The story goes along and they find that they are attracted to one another but each one has issues that they must work out, and when he has to go back to Vegas he wants to take her, but she does not want to be some girl just sitting at his apartment waiting for him doing nothing. This is just one item that they must work on to make their relationship work if it is going to work. A fun and good story. Really like the characters. I got this book from Netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at 

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