PLAY IT SAFE                   LESLIE NORTH

Ex-Navy SEAL Samson Jackson has lost everything he’s ever fought for – and nothing can bring back his wife. But when he’s offered a new mission protecting brilliant, sharp-tongued biochemist Angela McAllister from those who want to exploit the deadly knowledge she carries, he’s got no choice but to accept. He couldn’t save his first love, but maybe he can finally find redemption keeping the fiery scientist safe.

Samson knows he has a difficult road ahead of him, but he doesn’t count on the asset he’s charged with protecting being so . . . intriguing. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan. Especially when a rogue government official with nothing to lose plans to harness a lethal bioweapon and take revenge on the terrorists hiding out in Samson’s South African village with Angela’s help—and holds her brother as leverage.

Now, it’s up to Samson to protect a town full of innocents, one of whom is the son he hopes to adopt, while keeping the woman he loves from harm. He’ll have to fight powerful enemies, and his own demons, to save his world from catastrophe.

This is a fun light hearted story about a former Navy Seal, Simon who now works for a firm protecting people. Body guards, his assignment is a female bio chemist whose brother was kidnap for a formula she has for a Nero toxin. Angelia McAllister, and her brother are the children of a former general so that has made this assignment more important for the firm. Simon has problems with her from the beginning and when she tries to leave the safe house she is caught by him. Knowing that she is going to continue to try to leave he ends up taking her out of the house and to Africa where her brother is to try and rescue him. In doing so his comes back in spades, in the people who are after him personally in Africa, and for a young boy he had to leave behind because of red tape, and the women he was marrying they had agreed to come back for him but she died two weeks after their wedding. Now he stands in front of him confused with a rifle and whether to shoot the only person he knew as family or let him go. Confused what he does is amazing. A good story with an idea I think in trying to tell a little of what goes on in Africa at least in one village. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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