U.S. Navy SEAL Dante Raske is all about guarding his heart and serving his country, but now that he’s busted his knee on a mission, he needs something to keep his mind busy. Playing bodyguard for a sexy little country starlet until he’s cleared for duty? Just what the doctor ordered.

Chrissie Tate refuses to be a one-hit wonder. If she’s going to take care of her family, she can’t let herself get distracted—especially not by the hot as hell Navy SEAL hired to be her bodyguard. But when a crazed fan attacks, she changes her tune. She’ll keep Dante around…if he agrees to teach her self-defense.

Except their close-contact lessons quickly become steamy bedroom sessions. And it’s up to this Navy SEAL to save Chrissie’s career—and his heart—before their explosive passion consumes them both…

Each book in the Sin City SEALS series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 To Tempt a SEAL
Book #2 To Dare A SEAL
Book #3 To Seduce a SEAL

This story starts out with Dante Raske, running on the beach trying to get his knee back in shape after ACL surgery. He tore his knee up on a mission he is a Navy Seal. While running he notices a women who is struggling to get away from a man by a group of rocks. He takes off and throws the guy down and hits him once in the stomach only to find out that they were rehearsing for a video that was going to be shot latter. Now the guy who was the ladies backup singer is out of the video and tomorrow out of a job. After some talk Dante plants a kiss on her that makes feel and now she wants him to be in the video. First he does not know Chrissie Tate a #1 country singer at the moment. After some coxing he does the video and he and his buddy end up doing security for a few shows. The problem is that Chrissie and Dante are attracted to each other and he stays on as security until his knee gets better for him to go back to full duty. Their relationship is full of passion but at the same time they are beginning to care for each other and he especially does not like the way her manger and record company keep pushing her. She is working on writing songs for a new record because she does not want to be a one hit wonder. Before his leave is up he goes back to San Diego. He still has two weeks before active duty but he is miserable, and she is as well on her part of the tour. His buddy tells him to go to her and work it out. when he gets their the new security person that he hired won’t let him in so he has to go and find a costume to sneak in. this is funny because she is always going around in different costumes. Now he must find her and ask her a question. Read the book for the answer. A very good story. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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