From the simplest dinner rolls to traditional croissants and all types of yeast breads in between, home cooks—even those short on time and skill--CAN bake fresh bread from scratch. How is this possible? By breaking the process into two separate steps, with the mixing and kneading done the day before and the baking done when the next day. And the best part? Not only does this make bread baking much easier to fit into a busy schedule, but it also results in a better finished bread product.
The make-ahead bread concept focuses on a long, slow rise, so that the dough rests for a day or two, allowing it to develop flavor (called fermentation by pro bakers). This means that home cooks no longer have to be a slave to their kitchen when they have dough resting. Instead, they could be at work, playing with their kids, sleeping—or doing anything they want.
Make Ahead Bread features 100 yeast bread recipes that benefit from the long rise method so that home cooks can have freshly baked bread whenever they want it, any day of the week. In addition, cooks will find recipes for homemade butters, spreads, and sauces as well as recipes for using up leftover bread.

This is a good cook book in that it gives you easy instructions. First in the equipment, ingredients, and other essential items that you will need in order to make bread, or any of the other recipes in this book. Second the author gives you easy to follow instructions and tips if you have never made bread before. Third she gives you other recipes besides just bread, example almond butter. She also gives you tips on what to do you with the left overs with some types you can make your own bread crumbs for example. I found this book to be a very useful guide for I do like to make bread. A good book for the beginner to a person you is experienced in the kitchen. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us 

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