Did the churches ever really understand Jesus?
Or was he doing something very different?

Set after a violent rebellion in Roman-occupied Judea, The Blood of Innocents explores the political conflicts behind the Passover that became the first Easter.

A young man is captured by the Romans as they savagely put down a violent revolt. Along with thousands of other pilgrims, his family arrive in Jerusalem for Passover to find themselves enmeshed in the politics of rebellion. The Hebrews still yearn for the long-promised ‘anointed one’ to free them, yet crucified rebels still hang by the roadsides. Can Gad and Anna now save their own son from the cross?

Meanwhile Jeshua ben Joseph, a rabbi loved by the poor and loathed by the powerful, also comes to Jerusalem for Passover. Will he, like the prophet of old, call down fire from heaven onto Roman heads? The High Priests fear he will just bring down more Roman violence onto Jewish heads. Isn’t it better that one man dies than the whole nation? Even an innocent man?

This is the author take on the story of Easter at least the days leading up to the first Easter. How the people behind the scenes may have orchestrated what they believed to be the death of a man that causing them frustration among there people and how could he associate with the type of people he did was appalling. How the leaders working with the Romans put him to death, but also some of the Romans wanted nothing to do with what they felt was not their fight. The author explains that this is just his view or take on what may have happened. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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