FORBIDDEN FLING                                 SKYE JORDAN

Delaney Hart has come a long way from her wild youth, dating tattooed bikers at her father’s bar, The Bad Seed. But when his death pulls her back to Wildwood, California, she must stay to renovate the dive he left her. And also face the lies and secrets that sent her running ten years before.

When Wildwood’s chief building inspector, Ethan Hayes, shows up on the property, Delaney doesn’t recognize him. The last thing he wants to do is save the bar where his cousin died in a brawl. But the good boy from her past is all too willing to remind her of the bad girl she used to be. And one night of passion leaves them both in a compromising position.

The last place Ethan should be is in Delaney’s bed. Guilt, family pressure, and plans for a brewpub of his own make shutting down The Bad Seed his top priority…until his feelings for Delaney interfere. Because her future depends on the success of the bar’s renovation and his dreams are rooted in its failure, their forbidden romance may be destined for heartbreak.


Ethan Hayes is a building inspector by day and an independent microbrewery by night. He has been looking at an old piece of property that might be up for sale in a few months that has history for him. A relative died there in a bar fight and his family blames him because he was not there to stop it from happening, and since that night his life has not been his own. His day is sent on a whirl when the daughter of the previous owner comes back into town and she has been paying on the property, and the liquor license which is really what Ethan wants. Delaney Hart was at the bar that night and people have always blamed her for the fight. Now back in town Ethan is stopped dead in his tracks because he was always attracted to her, but felt she never noticed him. She always ran with the bad guys in town and was younger than him. Once she figures out who he is she is surprised that he always thought she was attractive. Now if they could both get pass the pass they would be okay. That is where the story really begins as they each hear the other one's story and realize neither of them have it easy and are really made for one another, but being in a small town will people let them be, and will his family leave them alone or force his hand to choose? Read the story to find out and be entertained as I was. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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