REBELLIOUS (True Brothers MC #2)

REBELLIOUS                           GILLIAN ARCHER

The black-leather-clad biker who just roared up on his Harley doesn’t resemble any single father Emily Clark has ever known. But as she watches “Reb” bonding with his son, Emily realizes there’s a lot more to this bad boy than his alpha-male attitude or his sinful good looks. And when Reb takes an interest in her, there’s no way she can resist his surprisingly tender touch. The one thing Emily won’t give up is her hard-won independence. 

As president of the True Brothers MC, Reb owes a sacred debt of loyalty to the club, but his first priority is making sure that his son grows up right. Pursuing an unexpected affair with Emily is a close second. Then a violent stalker threatens her life, and this unconventional guardian angel really turns up the heat. Nobody messes with Reb, or anyone under his protection. Trouble is, how’s he supposed to defend Emily when she insists on going it alone? He’s willing to put his life on the line for her. Now, maybe, he needs to open his heart.


This is the second book in the series about the True Brothers MC. Emily who is Jessica’s friend from the first book has come into contact with Tucker who just happens to be the son of the president of the club. The night goes on and with no sign of the mother coming home she decides to find the father. Shortly she is in front of the club house calling Jessica to call her fiancĂ© Zeb to come out front. After a confrontation with him and then one with Reb the president she finds herself attracted to Reb. Who is also attracted to her but is going through a custody battle with Rhonda and is trying to keep a low profile, but wants to be with her as much as possible. Emily cannot understand why she would be attracted to this man, and his lifestyle, but when she sees him with Tucker she sees what a great dad he is. He also makes her tingle inside, and not just from a piercing he has. A fantastic story that also has characters from the first book and continues some of the same story line. A very good second book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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