OPENING HEARTS (Hero's Heart Series #1)

OPENING HEARTS                                             IONA FINDLEY

Pregnant and alone at 35! 

Jessalyn O'Donnell returns from her best friend's wedding with a surprise of her own. She knows how it happened -- three sex-filled nights with a smokin' hot guy, known only as Sam -- but she has no way to get in touch with him. 

When smokejumper Sam Ricci returns to his hometown after the annual firefighting season ends, he has no plans for fatherhood. His lifestyle is too risky, and he loves his job -- almost as much as he loves women. Everything changes when he runs into Jessalyn again and discovers her plans for single parenthood. 

Sam doesn’t want to be tied down. Jessalyn would rather go it alone than deal with an absent husband. So why, when a twist of fate brings them together again, does it feel so right? 

No Cliffhanger. Book 1 is a complete story in the Hero’s Heart Series 

Do you like firefighters, secret babies and second chances? If so, this contemporary romance is for you. 

Do you enjoy light, easy reads? OPENING HEARTS is perfect for a quick reading "getaway." 

Opening Hearts (Book #1) Sam and Jessalyn 
Risking Hearts (Book #2) Jake and Hope 
Joining Hearts (Book #3) Zoe and Marcus 

     Wow, what a fun fast erotic story.  No bones about it this hunky firefighter story actually has a story actually has a story.
     It starts off with two people meeting on a cruise.  She’s there for her best friend’s wedding and he’s there with his smoke jumper’s unit on training.  They meet across a crowded bar and then when they bump into one another it’s on.  Three days and nights of hot and heavy sex.
     On the third day, they dock and the wedding party leaves to have the reception his team is called away to do a jump.  They part on great terms but know really nothing about each other.
     Jessalyn O’Donnell only the beautiful real head with green eyes only tells him her first name.  He had figured it out on his own.  She was older and cultured.  Age didn’t matter he felt a connection to her.  A week after he was still thinking of her and months later dreaming of her.
     Sam Ricci only told her he was a smokejumper she guessed that the chocolate eyed tall sexy Italian hunk was younger than her.  For her life was good it had been five years since she had any sex so she was feeling like okay so I was playing fast and loose once in my life.  He was a great guy.  She too was dreaming dreams. 
     Then there was her GYNO appointment.  And that one question they always ask when was your last period.  When she couldn’t remember right off and she was usually like clockwork she knew there was a problem.  For she did remember that there was a time that weekend that they didn’t use protection.  Oh, No!  But hey!  She could do this alone.  She knew she could.
     After two days in bed with the covers over her head.  Life got real.  She hired a contractor to renovate her old office in her brownstone to a nursery.  It just so happened it was a brother team.  Guess who one of those brothers happened to be?  Life has now gotten interesting…  
     This is a cute interaction of a couple who truly have the hots for one another.  But are dealing with the realities of bringing a child into the world.  Nothing ever goes as planned.

I give this story 4 stars.  Found free on amazon.  Follow us at:

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