TAKING THE PLUNGE                                      KISHAN PAUL

Since graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend—all on her own. So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self–reliant woman would do—pepper spray him.
Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned for. He’s made his share of mistakes, but he’s worked hard to learn from them. Now that he’s run into Eve, he’s not so sure he isn’t making another one. After all, she did almost blind him.
When logic and emotion don’t agree, which path should they follow?

***This book is available free on most ebook sites***

     Eve Cambride was the new ginger overweight girl being bullied at her new school.  It was her senior year and it was awful to be singled out every single day.  Just when she thought it was getting better the bully doesn’t go after in class he does after class in the hallways by the lockers.  By knocking her books and binder to the ground not once but twice.
     When out of the blue the football star jock and the guy she had been crushing on Pete Russo comes to her rescue.  The bullies are afraid of Pete so they follow his instructions by picking up her stuff, apologizing, and saying they wouldn’t do it again.  When she turns to thank him, Pete is gone.
     What Evie doesn’t know is since Pete lives is the same building her and her family do he knew her too.  The night before he planned on taking his own life but her dad played guitar and she would sing-along with him and they saving him since it had caught his attention that night from his bathroom window.  He felt he owed her.
     Now eight years later they run into each other she has dropped ten dress sizes and he has had life altering changes that have changed him.  He has no clue who she is.  She knows exactly who he is.
     I found this to be a very interesting fast read of two people who had truths of the heart and fears to overcome.  I do wish it was longer than 57 pages but it was still a good story.  I give this story: 4 stars.  Provided by the author for an honest review.

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