TRAVIS JUSTICE (A Texas Rangers Novel Book 3)

TRAVIS JUSTICE                                              COLLEEN SHANNON

Ranger bred, Ranger bound…
Being a Texas Ranger is Zach Travis’s destiny.  But war-weary Zach didn’t come home to Texas to take on his father’s legacy, only to heal his emotional scars…until his family’s compound is invaded by an enemy as brazen as she is beautiful.  Not only does Hana Nakatomi seem willing to risk everything for the sake of her own birthright, she could be tied to the organized crime syndicate responsible for the murder of a Ranger. Yet, from the first moment Zach has the alluring thief in his grasp, he can’t deny the pulsing attraction between them…. 
It’s Zach’s duty to bring Hana in for questioning. But he has his own ideas about how to capitalize on her street smarts and martial arts skills. Even as sparks fly during their pursuit of a common enemy, Zach is never sure if Hana is his ally—or his worst nightmare.  One thing’s for certain: she’s the first woman to breach the walls of his battered heart….
“Intense romantic suspense with a sexy edge.”—New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby on Foster Justice


Travis Sinclair is back from the service an Army Ranger. He has been putting off his father’s attempts of him applying for the Texas Rangers. That is until the night when he notices movement in the family home and when he discovers someone in the home who happens to leave empty handed he gives chase only to come up empty handed. Shocked in his failure he is also impressed in the escape. The person would come back again and once again has gotten away. Now taking up his father’s request he is certain that he will capture the person. Hanna must get the Samurai Sword not only for her grandfather but also for the person who is holding her son and is blackmailing her to do this crime. Though she does not believe it is a crime since this sword was given to her family by the emperor many, many decades ago and was stolen during WWII. Now she finds her actually attracted to the man she has wrestled with twice wishing it was differently. Travis is waiting for the next time their paths met and has set up a trap and when it happens who ask yourself who was actually captured. He is taken away by her and now wants to help her because she has no one. His father though wants no part of it and this of course leads to conflict and desire. Which will win. A story full of mystery and intrigue a good story, and good characters. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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