WINNING IT ALL (Hometown Players #4)

WINNING IT ALL                                              VICTORIA DENAULT

All's fair in love and hockey. . .

As his team's enforcer on the ice, Sebastian Deveau is America's favorite fighting Frenchman. But he's just as likely to get into trouble off the ice--especially when it comes to women.

Shayne Beckford is so over hockey. It ruined her parents' marriage. It spoiled her brother's dreams. And let's not even talk about her college boyfriend . . . So when Sebastian Deveau walks into her brother's gym, she has no idea who he is. All she knows is that he's one gorgeous man with the sexiest accent she's ever heard. And since she never has to see him again, she lets him give her the best orgasm of her life right on top of the gym's dryer.

But Sebastian isn't going to let this one-night stand get away so easily. He fights for what he wants, even if it takes fighting a little dirty . . .

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Shayne wants nothing to do with hockey players. Her father being a famous player on the ice, but a cheat off. Her brother a star in college then when he got hurt and addicted to pain pills his so called teammates along with his best friend the captain all turn their back on him. Then her boyfriend her college a hockey player and a cheat as well. Now her brother has turned his life around off the meds, married, and expecting a child. With the opening of his new gym Shayne is a yoga instructor, and though she notices men that are in real good shape she only recognizes one guy and that is the one guy you used to be the captain of her brothers college team. When Sebastian comes into view she does not know he is a star for the local pro hockey team. She decides to have a fling right there in the building and after having her best sex she is grateful that she won’t have to see him again. Only to find out that he is their first thing in the morning for her yoga class. Surprised she now works at deflecting his attempts of dating. She is dealing with a lot from work, her apartment, her car not working, she does not have time for a boyfriend. She is also deflecting information from her father because the team now wants to retire his jersey. Her mom and dad want her there and when she does decide to show up that is when she finds out about Sebastian, and she feels devastated, and if her life could not get any worse she ends up getting mugged at her apartment. Now Sabastian is out to prove that he is different than all of the other hockey players she has known before. Can he make the winning goal with Shayne, she is the toughest goalie he has faced she is protecting her heart. A good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. 
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