The best Christmas present? The unexpected romance that brings two former classmates together for a lesson in holiday magic…

With its festive Snowed Inn and year-round Christmas store, the pretty town of Tall Pine knows how to do the holidays right. But this year, Liv Tomblyn’s homecoming trip may be bittersweet. Liv’s grandmother died soon after Thanksgiving, leaving a lifetime of belongings to sort through. Soon Liv is surrounded by memories, including a retro silver Christmas tree. And there’s Liv’s old friend Scott Leroux—the one-time class clown who’s become the town’s go-to handyman.

Scott enjoyed helping Liv’s Nammy with little fix-it jobs in recent years, but now he’s wondering if the crafty grandma had a much larger project in mind. Everything—from Nammy’s mysteriously malfunctioning heater to that silver tree—seems to be conspiring to throw Liv and Scott together. Not that Scott objects. For though Liv insists she’ll leave Tall Pine when the holidays are over, he’s hoping their holiday kisses might thaw her resolve and make this Christmas truly unforgettable…

     What a sweet heartwarming story of family and love of the heart.
     We all have a picture in our heads of how others see us but is it real or just what we have built up ourselves?  Liv Tomblyn is having to figure that out for herself in this fun story for the holidays.
     You see her grandmother has passed away and she had not seen her or family in four years.  Not to mention been home to Tall Pines in that long either.  To be home for this sad occasion just a few days after Thanksgiving is a killer.
     As she runs into friends and classmates’ she is asked over and over about her new business.  Funny never what it actually is, closet organizing.  She only could figure her Nammy had trouble understanding exactly what it was so she said what she thought what it was.  A lot of her classmates saw her as standoffish or stuck-up.  When really, she was just so unsure of herself.
     When she arrives, she expects to be picked up by her sister Rachel but it turns out her mom Faye slips and falls injuring her knee.  The sent someone they and Nammy trusted, Scott Leroux.  Who is an old classmate of Liv’s, also he is the local handyman?
     When Liv sees him at the airport though all she can see is the class clown from years ago, she grew up with him and she knew what he was like.  Yet, she had to wonder if he was still that same boy.  The guy who was quick to make everyone laugh.  Good old Scotty.  The one who stole a goose from our opposing team for sports.
     The ride home was tense since Scotty had to tell her the reason he was picking her up, which was her mother had fallen.  When he referred to her grandma by the name she called her she got jealous and she didn’t like it.  She didn’t say anything to him about it though.  She felt off center with him and she didn’t know why.  Over the next several weeks it would all be revealed. 
     I really enjoyed this story the way it unfolded and a little mystery of the heater and the tree were fun too.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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