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Rad-Reader:  Why make Phoebe so conflicted about who she is?

Michelle:  Phoebe’s conflicts are very strongly based on her history. Her father, Declan Reede, is a...shall we say complicated man, who made a name for himself in the Australian racing scene after a series of mistakes when he was young. His name is now a legend and a legacy she’s been raised to follow. The expectations that the media and the general public have of her are not always ones she can live up to and because of her fame, she doesn’t always know who to trust.

Rad-Reader:  Why is she running?  Is it a who or a what she’s running from?

Michelle:  It’s almost a who and a what. It’s the expectations and her father’s legacy. She’s also running from the hyper-public version of who she is. Because her life is so governed by being Declan Reede’s daughter, she has lost sight of who she is away from that.

Rad-Reader:  How did she meet Angel?  Why did they stick as friends when they are so polar opposites?

Michelle:  Angel and Phoebe met in school when Angel stuck up for Phoebe with classmates. They’re friends because for all their differences, they have a lot of similarities too. The complement each other and help to make each other shine.

Angel has proven her trustworthiness to Phoebe multiple times over the year by showing she doesn’t care about Phoebe’s status as a celebrity. Even when she’s trying to make a name for herself as a model, Angel never leans on Phoebe’s celebrity to do it. 

Rad-Reader:  Why was her dad so over protective with her when she is soon to be eighteen?  All the texting and calling?

Michelle:  There are a number of reasons for Declan’s overprotectiveness. Phoebe had a number of health when she was a child, and Declan and Phoebe’s mother, Alyssa, have just had another child who is going through similar (but different) health issues. It’s a reminder to Declan of the mistakes he made, but also that Phoebe’s life could potentially be a shorter one than others because of the issues she had in her early years.

Rad-Reader:  Why was it so important for Beau to let her know that he was twenty-four years old and a virgin?

Michelle:  Just like Phoebe with the expectation the public have of her, Beau has had many brushes with similar expectations. Because of his career, he’s had women throwing themselves at him for years and he’s found telling people that upfront gets him what he wants.

Rad-Reader:  How have your readers responded to that fact that he says he is a virgin?  Do they believe that he really is/was?  I just ask because he seems so smooth in some scenes and well versed in others.  Just was wondering?

Michelle:  It hasn’t been something readers have discussed with me too in depth. I think there might be some doubt at the end of Phase, and certainly there are a few more questions raised during Phobic (Book 2 in the series). As to whether or not he’s telling the truth ... *zips*

Rad-Reader:  How old does he think Dawson/Phoebe is?

Michelle:  It’s never really clarified in the story itself, but because of the circumstances of their meeting, and the way Phoebe carries herself—mature beyond her years in looks and mannerisms—Beau believes her to be at least 21, but certainly no more than 23.

Rad-Reader:  Why hasn’t either of them thought about Beau going to live in Australia with her and her family since he has no family?

Michelle:  The relationship between them during Phoebe’s visit was so fleeting because of the limited time they had together I don’t think either where willing to give up their career or the lives they had in their respective countries at that point. After that, well Beau’s career is lucrative and he’s near the top of his game. Phoebe would never ask anyone to give that up for her because she knows the importance of it. And although he doesn’t have direct family, he has people that he cares for deeply and who rely on him. He’d never leave Abby for starters.

Rad-Reader:  They kept talking about expectations what were they each having do you think?

Michelle:  Phoebe didn’t expect to find anything remotely like she did with Beau. Her desire was simply to have a moment of freedom. That’s the reason expectations were so scary to her—it was giving up the complete freedom she’d found during her vacation.

Rad-Reader:  Who was the woman in the background talking during Skype?

Michelle:  (Spoilers)

Rad-Reader:  Why did Beau hang up so quickly those two times when they were Skyping?  Once when her uncle came to say goodbye and once when the girl came into the room?

Michelle:  (Spoilers)

Rad-Reader:  Was Beau disappointed that her family own a the racing team Emmanuel?

Michelle:  No. I think he was genuinely just surprised, and having never seen her race in a car, the question did flicker about whether Phoebe was on the team so young because of that relationship.

Rad-Reader:  Why does Beau choose to accept lies rather than talk it out when he knows how the media is and those who can be hurtful?

Michelle:  (Spoilers)

Rad-Reader:  Is it because Beau does feel threaten by her driving skills?

Michelle:  Beau’s not really the sort to be threatened by someone else’s success. He’s pretty secure in who he is but he’s fought hard for everything he has, so does have a moment of jealousy as he wonders whether she had an easier path because of her parents.

Rad-Reader:  Can’t her mom find out how those pictures where aired on the Web?  Why would he think she someone was involved with someone else?

Michelle:  (spoilers)

Rad-Reader:  Does Max have something to do with this since he was in her room and he has the crush on her?  Plus, he looked guilty at dinner.

Michelle:  (spoilers)

Rad-Reader:  Why a love story around a race track?

Michelle:  This question probably relates better to Declan’s series. Phoebe’s is born from those origins and she’s a racer because her dad was, plain and simple.
The inception of Declan’s story however was born out of a couple of things: my personal love of V8 Supercars (the format is slightly different to the one in the books, hence the new ProV8 category they race in over the series); a debate with a friend over whether race car drivers were atheletes; and this song by Cake: 
The Distance - Cake

Those combined to give me a character sitting in his car about to leap for the Bathurst 1000 filled with regret, but even I didn’t know why at that stage. 

Rad-Reader:  How long have you been writing?  How did you start writing for a living?

Michelle:  I’ve been actively writing for close to 13 years now. At first, I really wanted to be an author but then I got dejected because of a few things that happened. It wasn’t long after that when I found FanFiction and started messing around writing for fun from there. About four or five years ago, new original characters popped into my head and Evie (Through the Fire – Daughter of Fire series) was born.

Rad-Reader:  Who is your biggest supporter?  Why?

Michelle:   This is a toughie because I have a number of awesome supporters that I wouldn’t be able to do this gig without. I guess I really have to say my mum. She’s put up her own money to help with things when times were tough, she’d sat at my table with me to assist at author signings, and she is an extra set of proof-reading eyes over all my things.

Outside of family, probably my pre-reader Jenny who looks at everything I write, even those things that make her uncomfortable personally. She brings a great perspective to my stories and is a whetstone for me to sharpen the words against. I would be pretty lost without her.

I have another more recent fan who is awesome. She’s read all my books multiple times, and I’ve actually brought her onto my beta team so she can get early access because she’s so excited by it all. She’s great for my ego and when days come that I get depressed about it all (they seem inevitable for authors), there’s usually a message of encouragement from her waiting for me. Then I have all the girls in my reader group, particularly Sib, Kristy, Clare, and Robyn who are always there chatting away and help me to share information. 
Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you have play?

Phoebe:  Maia Mitchell

Beau:  Luke Mitchell

Angel:  Gigi Hadid

Ooh I like those ones! 

Phoebe:  For Phoebe, Luke Mitchell’s real life wife could be be pretty perfect (with some heels perhaps LOL)

And seriously, aren’t her and Luke flipping cute? 
Beau:  I love your suggestion of Luke Mitchell. I’ve got Matt Lanter in my inspiration folders

And for looks and singing voice, I’ve never been able to go past Define Me - Brett Young


Samara Weaving is an actress who is a great fit for Angel (except with green eyes)

And, not an actress, but some late in the piece inspiration for Angel—Iskra Lawrence is a great living embodiment of Angel. She’s got the sass, the attitude, and the body. She also struggles with her weight a little like Angel does from time to time. Angel might be a model, but mostly because she works hard for it. 

Rad-Reader:  What song out today best describes you characters and or the book as a whole?

One More Day - Diamond Rio
What Beau is wishing the whole time he is with her.

Hopeless Romantic - Meghan Trainor
When Phoebe found out her mum got the contract for US team for her she started believing.

Michelle: For One More Day, the song had special significance to a woman who was important to Beau (Mabel). It was a song that meant a lot to her because it made her think of her husband, who was the love of her life but died young. Mabel believed in love, really big, important love that you’d change the world for. Beau never really understood the meaning behind the lyrics or the song so it was only ever emotional for his attachment to Mabel. I think at some point, he begins to understand the meaning behind the song.

I love that Meghan Trainor one, I’ve never actually heard it before but it’s going to be added to playlists in the future, that’s for sure!

If I had to pick just one song that most embodies Phoebe for the book, I’d have to say this one:

Hailee Steinfeld, Grey - Starving


I do have an entire list of inspiration and mood songs:

 I think it’s funny including “I don’t want this night to end” on there because I actually wrote the scene that could have been inspired by that long before I found the song so I was stunned when I saw the “story” in the video LOL
Rad-Reader:  What’s your next project and when is it coming out?

Michelle:  The next book I have coming out is Phobic, book 2 in Phoebe’s series, and it’s due for release on 30th November.

After that, I have a book due out every 3 months or so, most of them already written and just waiting for their editing days 

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers by your books?

Michelle:  My Daughter of Fire series is available at most retailers, however the rest are currently Amazon exclusive. You can find them all on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/author/michelleirwin
Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

Michelle:     I’m available in loads of places  

Facebook Author page: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleIrwinAuthor
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/michelleirwin
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8076291.Michelle_Irwin
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