Safety. Anonymity. Invisibility.

Those are just a few advantages of Internet “dating.” Even better, as far as Hannah Miller is concerned, is the fact that she can shed all inhibitions without worrying about what he thinks of her figure or her face. “He” is bikerboy357, the man who knows what Hannah likes, and wants her—every night—as much as she wants him. When he asks to meet, Hannah hesitates. But the temptation is too strong. And after one look into his sultry green eyes, there’s no turning back.

Cade MacKenzie’s never met a woman who’s wasn’t blinded by his billion-dollar net worth, but “H” knows neither his face nor his name. Her words are so smart, sweet, and scorchingly sexy that Cade’s willing to gamble she’ll be just as amazing in person. And she is. But even as every delicious encounter makes Cade want Hannah more, what he wants most is her trust.

It’s something all his money can’t buy. And now, Cade will do anything to earn it.

     Wow, what an extremely good book.  As it started off I thought okay another erotica.  Well, once you get into it the characters grab you and hold on.  You realize you don’t want them to let go either.
     You see you have Hannah Miller, 25, who was raised in the foster care system.  After being hit in a car by a drunk driver. She has scars many place on her body for life but the worst scar was to her heart because her parents died in the crash.  She was bounced around until she was sixteen and then she was put in a group home until eighteen.
     From there she had nowhere to go because they put you out.  She lived on the street.  Until the money kicked in from the inheritance her parents set aside for her.  With that she found a place to live and went to college getting an English degree.  She went to work at a publishing company where she met her best friend Maddie.
     The put their money together and went into business and bought a bookstore once Maddie saw all the rare books Hannah’s mother had left her.  Her mom was a librarian.  During her freshman year, even with her scars on her face and body she met a guy Dane her freshman year at college.  They were together for five years and then one and a half years ago, when he announced he was getting married.  He said his new fiancĂ©, well in case you missed it he was dating while living with Hannah, was less vanilla in bed.
     She started filling her nights with an online chat room that was a book club for a novel and then one for an erotica that she had just started selling that was a hot ticket item.  She never usually read things on BDSM but this book was selling like hot cakes.  She (JustAGurl456) met a guy in each chat rooms with the same handle (bikerboy357) they really started debating the erotica book hard.
     That one day they decided to break off from the group and when they did that is when it got interesting.  You see that handle belonged to lawyer Cade McKenzie he kept taking the opposite view of Hannah just to rile her up.  He liked she never backed down.  Eventually, they became better friends but never revealing their names.  Just where they were from and what they did.  Otherwise all subjects were open.  Even sex.
     Which took it up a notch.  You see they got each other off.  Until one night Cade decided to push it and asked if he could call her.  He was tired of just typing out their sex games.  He wanted to hear her.  She got scared she couldn’t protect her heart that way.  After much talking back and forth she agreed.  The next thing she knew she agreed to meet him when he was coming into town in two weeks for two weeks.  He said he was going to Seattle from California would meet her at the Needle he would be wearing a red tie she could decide if she wanted to meet him or not then.
     The thing that was scaring her was that he was expecting a tall, blonde, willowy, big breasted and had a pixie haircut.  She was short, wide hips, smaller breasted, brown hair and eyes.  Not to mention her scars.  She agrees to one day, no strings, no dates, no emotions, no one gets hurt. Just sex.  See how that works out.
     See just how bold or is it insecure they both are to make such an agreement.  It never matters on what side of the street you come from we all have our fears and triumphs.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at: 

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