CALLED UP (Calling It #2)

CALLED UP                                                         JEN DOYLE

There's one thing Max "Deke" Deacon can always count on besides his old high school teammates: Angelica "Fitz" Hawkins. But no matter how much Deke might secretly fantasize otherwise, a relationship with his best friend's sister is off limits. Until one unexpectedly smoldering encounter has Deke and Fitz giving in to the feelings they've both been fighting for far too long.

Fitz knows for a fact that it is not better to have loved and lost. After losing her parents, she'd rather lock up her heart and throw away the key than endure that kind of pain again. If that means giving up any hope of a lasting relationship, then so be it.

But with Deke, Fitz feels dangerously close to falling in love. She can't risk another broken heart—especially if it means losing one of her best friends for good. Now it's up to Deke to convince her that the safest place she could ever be is right here with him.

     When your whole world has been ripped, turned, destroyed, and so changed you can’t even find who you are anymore then what?
     You see Angelica Wade was caught in a tornado at the age of 16 with her parents.  The sad thing is as they were driving the tornado struck.  Her parents were sucked out of the car and she was not.  She was hospitalized and in the town, that the she was found in not the town where she was from.
     Being that she had no parents, no relatives, and no home to go back to because of they found out it had been destroyed also she had no one.  Everything in it too was gone pictures, records, everything.  Come to find out that through the investigating they found out her father was not who she thought he was.
     It turns out that after she had been at school already making a few friends so she thought.  Not feeling like her sea legs were too sure as of yet but better.  When she finds out through the school gossip mill that spreads like wild fire that there is a problem that changes her life forever.  You see by the end of the day she went from poor sad girl from the tornado to the bastard daughter of the man who left the beloved mayor of their town, Mama Gin and her three children behind.
     Her new brother Nate Hawkins and sister Jules hated her and that made her enemy number one at school.  The sad part was when she was still like those few weeks before she was friends with Nate’s then girlfriend Peggy.  She told her how she had a crush on Nate’s best friend, Max “Deke” Deacon.  So, when she became the enemy she used that to do something that could have really harmed her.
     When Nate found her at that moment he took her under his wing and claimed her as his sister.  When everyone shunned her in the cafeteria he had his team of guys dawn t-shirts with her last name Wade and they all sat with her then on for lunch.  She became one of the guys.  In that group was Deke.  That day they became best friends.
     Now sixteen years later Fitz as she was named after a character of a book of a bastard child.  But she wears it proudly now.  She learned to hide her feelings to work in the community to be a part of them on the surface.  Yet, never to deep.  She never felt like she could love or be loved.  Yet, she did and was every day.  Thanks, in large part by Deke.
     See how this young woman who was faced with bullying on a grand scale.  By those who should have known better.  Yet, by the one who had been scorned by her father she was shown kindness and understanding.  Yet, could she believe it?  Would you?

     I totally enjoyed this story of a young woman trying to not only find out who she was and what she really wanted.  But also, finding love from the one person who had been right there in front of her all the time.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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