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Anthony “Tony” Costa grew up admiring his Uncle Dom—a made member of the New England mafia— so when Dom asks him to collect gambling debts from around the neighborhood, Tony is happy to help. Even after his uncle gets thrown in jail, he does his nephew a good turn from behind bars, getting him a job as a longshoreman on the Boston waterfront. The year is 1958, and Tony is only eighteen. His new job quickly teaches him what it will take to survive on the docks.

Tony and his violent new friend Butchie Shea soon carve out a life for themselves on the pier. But when Butchie convinces him to take desperate, brutal action against an adversary, Tony realizes just how badly his criminal lifestyle has tainted him. He vows to go straight and focus on his wife and family—but old habits die hard, and the opportunity of a lifetime yanks Tony back in. The job could lead to big rewards, but Tony might not see just how risky it is until it’s too late.

This is an excellent story that follows a man Anthony “Tony” Costa, from 1958 working on the docks in Boston to after his retirement. You met Butchie Shea also at the beginning and he becomes a big part of Tony’s life on and off the docks. The author takes you back in time through Tony’s childhood and how his uncle Dom who is a made member of the Mafia. The journey the author takes you feels like you are actually following a real person that is what makes this a very good book. The cast of characters are people that at least for me are believable, his uncle Dom reminded me of an old uncle of mine from New York. You get see Tony married and have two children with his wife Marie, and the struggles they have. There is one scene where Marie is cooking they get an argument and she throws a potato at him, that is something at least for me is believable, for an Italian woman potato, rolling pin, whatever is close glad she didn’t pick up the knife or the story might have ended. Needless to say these men get into messes and because of those Tony is forced to something he does not want to do but needs to protect his family. This book will keep you going and you won’t want to put it down. A very good book with excellent characters. A must read. My wife got me this book from the author so thank you very much. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at
History Buffs will love this.

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