THE SEDUCTION                                             CARLY PHILLIPS

Revenge is a dish best not served … 

Zach Anders swears to get revenge on Sean Ferro for hurting his sister. The best way to accomplish his goal? Hurt someone close to him in return. 

No one can get near Ferro’s on again - off again fiancĂ©e - so Zach sets his sights on the next best thing, the woman Sean considers family, the girl who grew up next door, Chloe Reynolds. The plan seems simple -- get close, find her weak spot, exploit it and walk away. 

Then Zach meets Chloe and he falls hard. And fast. How can he use her for revenge when he wants to keep her for himself?

     Okay, I’ve had this on my TBR list for a while too long.  I used to plow through Ms. Carly’s books during my illness like there was no tomorrow.  Then we started doing reviews and they got pushed down on my list.  I was so happy coming across it.  Like meeting an old friend.
     Once again, she was able to take a short story of about 75 pages and not only put a lot of emotions on notice but a lot of action going on between several characters also.
     Chloe Reynolds is a college girl on her last semester and then she will be finished with her business degree and a minor in culinary although culinary is her first love.  Her parents who she is convinced never wanted her or have ever really liked her.  They would only pay for the business degree. So, she outwits them by doing it as a minor.  They are never the wiser, with them being so indifferent to her never catch on.
     One thing they had to notice because of some of their not so nice friends from their country club, of course, had to tell them.  Was that Chloe’s, now ex-creep of a boyfriend, leaked a video of her first time every having sex with him that they had just recently.  So now, it had gone viral and everyone had seen it on campus too.  But, it was better for her to ask her parent to live on campus than to be iced out by them.  Real support, right?
     While out on her own, she gets a job at a tavern.  When a sexy MAN not a college boy but a MAN starts watching her but never talking to her she kind of likes it.  She gets creeped out by it for sure at first but he doesn’t talk to her, say anything to her or attempt anything so she is okay with it.  She can actually feel his eye on her all the time.
      Then, she gets mugged after worked by this guy who had come in to work with his friends and was showing them her sex video.  He was being crude and loud.  He was acting like a jerk so she spilled his drink on the table by putting it down to hard and it splashed on his pants.  She just laughed and walked away.  It pissed the guy off.  He was waiting for her after work and tried to rape her.  But Sexy Guy, Zach Anders, beat the crap out of him.
     Seeing him do it scared her but at the same time, it made her feel wanted and needed.  Especially, when he says he stays every night to make sure she gets in her car and home safe.  But it didn’t frighten her too much.  In fact, it kind of made her feel good because no one has ever worried about her not even her parents.  Zach told her he would drive her home not that scared her.  She said no.  He said he had to the guy slit her tires.  He said they had to hurry before the guy woke up and he ended up in jail.
     The next morning when she was prepared to walk back to campus the 19 blocks since she had him take her to friends.  She had called her neighbor, Sean, who no one seemed to like because his wife had come up missing at one time and he was the number one suspect.  But she never saw it that way.  When she never had anyone, Sean was the one always there for her.  They were the two misfits of the family.  His of his siblings and hers of being an only child never wanted.  She asked if he would fix the tires and she would somehow pay him back.  She could tell her parents.  He said yes and not to worry about the money he had it.
     When she went to leave, Zach was standing by his truck prepared to take her where she needed to go.  He talks her finally into letting him take her back but first into getting to know one another.  He takes her to breakfast.  Right as breakfast is getting there Sean calls to say when his guys got to the car all the tires had been fixed.  She was surprised by Sean was leery.  She warned her that no guy fixed something for nothing and to watch her back.  She says she knows who may have done it.

     This is a book where things are not what they seem and people are good until their not.  A real page turner that you will want to read.  There is an underlying secret Zach is keeping you will have to read about.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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