WHEN I FALL (Montgomery Manor #2)

WHEN I FALL                                                   TAMARA MORGAN

Socialite Rebecca Clare gets through life one vodka tonic at a time. Emotionally shattered after her best friend's death, she's cast as the latest pseudo-celebrity screw up and hounded by paparazzi 24/7. So naturally, the cameras are rolling when she gets into a scrap at a club (he started it). But then an unexpected white knight steps in.

Playing caretaker isn't Jake Montgomery's usual role, but Becca is his stepmother's little sister. As they bond over their bad reputations, they find they have a lot more in common than the spotlight. When a photo of the nightclub incident goes viral, it raises protective instincts that Jake never knew he had. What better way to save Becca—and the family—from scandal than by claiming he's her fiancĂ©?

Becca agrees to play along, never expecting a fake engagement to feel so right. But she's vowed never to depend on a man for happiness; how can Jake convince her that falling in love is worth the risk?

     Once again Tamara Morgan used her wicked humor to showcase characters’ faults of the people she writes about.  They are real in depth true to life characters you can see in your head.  You wouldn’t think that at first since they’re overly pampered rich kids, adults truthfully.
     Yes, you can, though.  Rebecca Clare is a party girl through and through.  She goes clubbing and drinking all night then works out like a crazy person in the mornings. With Mean Max, a very expensive trainer.  Everyone looks at her as an airhead and an ex on the verge or relapsing druggie.  Really, she is just a young scared woman of 24, trying to survive.
     When one-night clubbing having a good night, table dancing with a friend she runs into her step-nephew, who by the way is older than her, Jake Montgomery, 31.  Her sister married his father.  Yeah, weird doesn’t begin to cover it.  Anyway, he tries to save her from herself because he notices that she is dancing up there with no panties.  Now, he has seen her goods the day of his dad’s wedding when they did the deed. But right now, he is being the good nephew.  Something would ever call him is good.  Still.
     He stays the night with her because she is scared of the dark all the light switches have duct tape so they stay on.  The next day he goes to tea with her and when her mom and friend verbally attack her Jake tries to rescue her by saying they are engaged.  It does keep her mother from sending her from the rehab center for another stay since she bothers the number one rule going out into public without panties but she also struck two people.
     This is not normal Jake behavior.  Jake once stopped a wedding by winking at the bride while on the alter.  When they return to her apartment she says now we have to remain engaged for at least a week he counters for 3 months till after the first of the year.  She says until so he will have a place to live you mean.  He is shocked that she caught on.  From here on out it is a fast-moving snowball effect with these two.  They lose control of what they thought something they could handle.
     This fake engagement means dealing with some ghost and some real emotions which both have stuffed down for so long they have been tripping over them for, way too long.

     Loved this book.  Sexually charged yet not graphic at all but boy do you feel the energy.  Not saying there are not scenes that get dicey.  So, good, though.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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