TAKE ME BACK                                              ROSALIND JAMES

Hallie Cavanaugh’s late father just left her millions of reasons to stay away from Jim Lawson, deputy sheriff of Paradise, Idaho, and the man who broke her heart fourteen years ago. Hallie has worked hard for independence, but she can’t dismiss a massive inheritance, even if she has to follow her father’s manipulative terms to get it. How hard can it be to spend six months back in Paradise—and not sleep with her old flame?

Former Army Ranger Jim just wants to do his job, raise his daughter…and resist the gorgeous, redheaded reminder of his bad-boy past. Their one unforgettably hot night together had major consequences, and now there’s a fortune and a family legacy at stake. But when Hallie is threatened amid a storm of uncovered secrets and conflicted loyalties, protecting her becomes more than a duty: it’s a deeply personal fight Jim’s heart won’t let him lose.


Hallie Cavanaugh has come back into town for her father’s funeral, and after the reading of the will she has decided to stay. Jim Lawson who was forced to leave town when he was eighteen is now sheriff and they have a past together that neither really wants to explore right away. Henry, Hallie’s father did not die of natural cases and you know that as the reader. What you don’t know is the person who killed him or why. Also why do they want Hallie to leave? Yes there are a lot of reasons but they don’t add up. The more you find out you actually end up disliking her father and understand why she never came home after she went away to college. Though this is a story about Hallie and Jim it is really about her father and the wake of destruction that he left behind. Part mystery, part love story for me the epilogue was the best part. Overall a very good story with a good who done it. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars.Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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