WICKED COWBOY CHARM                          CAROLYN BROWN

Josie Dawson is new in town, but it doesn't take a local to know that Deke Sullivan is trouble--in a smokin' hot package. He's sweet, sexy, and has charmed just about every woman in Dry Creek, Texas. Well, Josie won't be next. She'll keep her distance, even if he is great with babies and makes a mean cup of homemade hot chocolate.
Deke Sullivan really is a one-woman type of guy. He just had to do a lot of looking to find that one woman. Now he thinks he's found her and he won't let a strong, sassy gal like Josie slip away. Just when he's wondering how to convince her he only has eyes for her, they get stranded in a tiny cabin during a major blizzard. If Deke can melt her heart before they dig out of the snow, he'll be the luckiest cowboy in Texas . . . 


Deke Sullivan owns the ranch next to the Lucky Penney and has ran his ranch by himself. Now he has seen Josie Dawson in the feed store and is totally attracted to her. Their attraction comes along to a time that they both spend in Wyoming wanting to bid on the same bulls. They end up getting snowed in for a week and though nothing happens they actually get to know each other because of the storm, and having to work the ranch for the older man. It is on their way back that they heat up as well as the situations they come across in the drive. When they finally make it back as much as they want to be together Deke now must put down his reputation and prove to Josie he is ready to settle down. This is a great book to go along in the series and really focuses on the two of them, and exploits they come across in their travels. The characters are very good especially the man who owns the ranch they end up at and his lady friend and you are there feeling his loneliness but grateful that these two have been stuck with him for the time being. This is a very good story with more than a few touching moments that make this book stand out. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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