WICKED BEAUTIFUL                                    J.T. GEISSINGER           

Life coach and best-selling author Victoria Price has it all: a successful career, fabulous friends, a fantastic penthouse in Manhattan. What she doesn’t have—and doesn’t want—is a husband. Fifteen years ago her high school flame broke her heart so badly she swore she’d never love again. Now she makes millions teaching other women how to be just like her: a ruthless bitch.

Drop-dead sexy restauranteur and infamous playboy Parker Maxwell has only three rules for the women he dates: no questions about his past, no expectations for the future, and no spending the night. When he meets Victoria, however, he’s willing to break his own rules if it means sating the explosive desire she arouses in him. What he doesn’t know is that the alluring Victoria Price used to be the mousy Isabel Diaz, the girl he deflowered and dumped long ago.

Presented with a perfect opportunity for revenge, Victoria decides the game is on. But when her connection with Parker proves more than just skin deep, she has to make a choice: continue with her plan for payback, or risk her career, her reputation, and her heart by taking a second chance on love?


Victoria Price is a life coach who has created a huge following and a brand that is raking in money by the truck loads. When one night she goes with her friend and food critique Darcy to try a new restaurant her world is shaken. The man who owns the restaurant changed her life 15 years ago, and the only good thing now is that he does not recognize the girl she once was. He only sees her Victoria. Parker Maxwell is a playboy and has opened dozens of restaurants. Seeing Victoria has stirred something inside of him and he wants to be with her, for some reason she seems familiar but he always just passes off those feelings. Now Victoria sees an opportunity to get back at the person who broke her heart so many years ago. But like every plan of revenge their comes a time when you have to go over the line or not and for Victoria when that day comes she does something that I the reader did not see coming. This story has many secrets, mysteries that are reviled as the story goes along and you the reader are taken through one at a time all the way to her decision of action. That is when I was surprised. I liked the supporting characters especially Tabitha her assistant. Though they all were good. Overall a very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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