PURGATORY ROAD                                        SAMUEL PARKER

When a day trip out of Las Vegas with his wife takes a turn for the worse, Jack is sure he has the ability to get them home. But he has driven into something far beyond reason.

Rescue comes in the form of a desert hermit, but hope fades as the couple comes to realize that the nomad has no intention of letting them leave. A chance encounter with a kidnapped runaway and her crazed abductor leads them all farther into the wilderness--and closer to the cold brutality that isolation brings.

At the edge of his sanity, Jack begins to learn that playing by another's rules may be the only way to survive.

In a voice that is as hypnotizing as a desert mirage, debut novelist Samuel Parker entices you down a treacherous road, where the forces of good and evil are as crushing as the Mojave heat.


A very interesting story between good and evil, and the turns you take in life and where they could lead you. First it begins with a young girl who has run away from her home in Ohio because really it was ok, no excitement. Just routine and she was looking for an adventure. She was not upset with her parents or any one thing she was looking for what she thought would be an adventure. After getting all the way to Vegas she accepts a ride from a truck driver who she thinks is going to take her to L.A. that does not happen. Now the second part of the story is about a couple who has traveled from Chicago to Vegas for a weekend and their marriage is ok at least for the both of them in their mind. The husband decides that for fun let’s take a ride out in the desert, not to a local place like Red Rock Canyon, or go out to Hoover Dam. No let’s drive out to the desert. Having grown up in the desert I for one know that this is a bad idea and is not going to end well. Now is when the story changes after an old man rescues the couple. But the husband is still being a jerk and just for good measure the old man lets him try to walk out to find help even the husband does not know where he is going and for being so upset with the old man he leaves his wife with the man. First if you’re a city person don’t go walking in the desert by yourself with idea where you’re going when in a few hours it will be 120 degrees, second if he didn’t like the old man why did he leave his wife with him? The husband really pissed me off. You go back and forth between the couple, and their situation and girls. The author takes you the reader to look at all their lives before they got to this point and you are wondering how is this going to end. The ending is very climatic so I won’t go into it, but I will say that this is a very good book with very strong characters. Overall I really liked the story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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