BASEBALL'S GAME CHANGERS: Icons, Record Breakers, Scandals, Sensational Series and More


                                                       The first book in the new Lyons Press GAME CHANGERS sports series answers the questions: What were the 50 most revolutionary personalities, rules, pieces of equipment, controversies, organizational changes, radio and television advancements, and more in the history National Pastime? And how, exactly, did they forever change the game?

Baseball s Game Changers offers fascinating, detailed explanations along with a ranking system from 1 to 50 that is sure to inspire debate among baseball aficionados. Ranging from each sport's beginnings to today and tackling on-the-field and off-the-field developments, the Game Changers series offers a history of each sport through their turning-points and innovations.

Full-color, and including 30 photos plus pull-outs and sidebars, books within the Game Changers series are important and entertaining additions to every sports fan s library."


This book looks at 50 changes in the game of baseball and the author does his own ranking. From the Black Sox scandal, to Marvin Miller who fought for player rights, to Richie Allen who gave up his career to fight in court for free agent. You have lowering the pitcher’s mound, the Boss working free agency to the Yankees advantage to win, and of course the players strike and then a season when baseball was not here ant more because of an lock out. You also have players the author feels made changes to game and how equipment was introduced. This is a very interesting book. The chapters are short and give you just enough information on a topic if you did not know about it before, or some more information if you did. A very good book and worth the read. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us 

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