OUR NOW AND FOREVER                           TERRI OSBURN

                                           When Caleb McGraw sweeps Snow Cameron off her feet, she never expects their whirlwind romance to lead to a Vegas wedding chapel. Before she can catch her breath, Caleb starts talking kids and college funds while his wealthy parents make their disapproval painfully clear. Convinced she was blinded by lust, not love, Snow takes off for Ardent Springs, Tennessee, two months into the marriage.

Heir to a media conglomerate, Caleb never experienced struggle or rejection, until Snow sends him on a wild hunt for his runaway bride. When he finally finds her—managing a curiosity shop beloved by the quirky locals—she agrees to give the marriage another chance, but on one condition: no sex for a month. Can their love stand the test, or will they give in to their attraction?

In this humorous and heartwarming Ardent Springs romance, two lost hearts start over in a town where everyone deserves a second chance and love always wins in the end. 


   This was an interesting story in that it opens with a wedding in Vegas and when the groom Caleb McGraw starts talking about children, trust funds, and really just making Snow Cameron feel scared once she starts thinking about his family and them not accepting her. He is the heir to a giant media conglomerate, and Snow we can say is nowhere near from that neighborhood. She does what any normal person would do who feels that she was just one of his conquests and whirlwind wedding in Vegas and runs to a small town in Tennessee, and opens a small curiosity shop. It takes two for Caleb to track Snow down and when he does he listens to her fears, and insecurities that have been built up throughout her life for a number of reasons. One is because of her being of mixed raced, and for me that is what makes this story so good. It is her strength that she doesn’t think she has but does that really will make them stronger especially when he starts to see from his mother that her reason for disliking her is because of her mixed raced. The passion that the two of them have for one another is put on hold when she gives him a choice of wanting to make it work. He needs to stay in town for a month but they cannot have during this time though they are still married. This is not just a problem for him, but turns out to be one for her as well. This is a very good book with good characters and the author has the characters make choices that people have to make sometimes with their family. Overall a very good story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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